Smart Bets: Pontiak, Golden Void and Nate Hall

Bands with siblings are definitely a thing, though bands of all siblings are few and far between — The Jackson 5, The 5 Browns and Hanson. It's safe to say that, short of being a trio of brothers (Lain, Van and Jennings Carney), psychedelic outfit Pontiak, from Virginia, shares little with those other sib groups. What they are sharing is an East Coast tour with label mates/West Coast rockers Golden Void (pictured). Though the members of that collective have played together since high school, they hit their stride in this project. New album Rise to the Out of Reach "explores the dichotomy of destruction and devotion," says label Thrill Jockey. The three groups/musicians perform at Blackout Effectors on Sunday, Sept. 1. Nate Hall from WNC/Tennessee-based U.S. Christmas joins the lineup. 10 p.m., $7.


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