Indie-rocker Kurt Vile drops by Harvest Records

Indie-rocker Kurt Vile drops by Harvest Records-attachment0

Ahead of yesterday’s show at The Grey Eagle, indie-rocker Kurt Vile stopped by Harvest Records for a free acoustic in-store performance. The roughly 30-minute set included the usually electric tune “Hunchback” (video below).

Vile treated the intimate crowd to songs like “Classic Rock in Spring/Freeway in Mind,” “Slow Talkers,” “Baby’s Arms” and “Goldtone” (the latter from his newest studio release Wakin On A Pretty Daze). Xpress writer Jordan Lawrence talked to him this week.

In case you were wondering who that tall fellow in the crowd is, that’s Band Of Horses guitarist Tyler Ramsey quietly soaking in Vile’s mellowed out set.


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