It’s the Jam! ***UPDATED with Day One and Day Two photos***

It’s the Jam! ***UPDATED with Day One  and Day Two photos***-attachment0

Welcome to Christmas Jam 2008 — the biggest, baddest Jam we’ve seen so far.

Mountain Xpress will have photographers roving the events and posting photos all weekend. As of 3:30 p.m., multimedia editor Jason Sandford reports that the Jam by Day events are packed. Jack of the Wood is at capacity with people waiting out front. Stella Blue is almost full. The Emerald Lounge isn’t as crowded (hey people, Lexington Avenue is just a hop and skip away …).

Last night was the Pre-Jam, where great feats of Jam were witnessed, including my fave: The wicked awesome combination of the Del McCoury Band and the Lee Boys, playing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Celebrate. And celebrate we did, and celebrate we will, for 36 more Jam-packed hours.

Click here for our cover story on the Jam, and here for our roundup of the Jam by Day performances. Visit the Xpress photo galleries for images of the Jam as it unfolds.

Here are some photos from Day One, and here are some photos from Day Two.

Rebecca Sulock, arts and entertainment editor


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