Girl talk

Angie Flynn-McIver discovered Atlanta-based trio Girlyman when a childhood friend contacted her through Facebook and said something like, "If you're not listening to Girlyman, then I don't even know who you are." Effective, if dramatic; of course Flynn-McIver, producing director of North Carolina Stage Company, is in the drama business. All the real girls: Atlanta's […]

Looking for greener goods?

There's more to green products than just an official-looking emblem on the packaging. Ingredients get top consideration — and buzzwords include organic, sustainable, renewable and recycled. Yet not everything that's dubbed "eco-chic" by advertisers is automatically earth-friendly. For example, wood is a renewable resource, but exotic species are not always harvested sustainably. Corn-based products are […]

Sound Track

Local country band The Honeycutters does not take its CD title from the Lead Belly folk standard. Instead, the tune is an original by vocalist/guitarist Amanda Anne Platt whose pragmatic voice and exceptional lyrics never falter on this 12-song collection. The crisp, waning autumn/time passing/unrequited love/dusty roads and pale sun feel of this album would […]