Making dreams, not making do

Got it made: Asheville is home to increasingly well-known designers, including Kelledy Francis (work shown above). Wearing something handmade to school used to mean social suicide. And while teens may still be label-obsessed, in the past 20 years, the idea of DIY has gone from the unhip ministrations of unicorn-themed latch-hook to the tasty trimmings […]

Recording studios

[PLEASE NOTE: Information listed here was accurate as of March 16, 2005. Please call the studio to verify information.] There are cheaper recording rooms in town staffed by better spellers, but Collapseable Studios in West Asheville enjoys the hippest reputation. From old-school gospel to experimental surf rock, there’s a local studio ready to commit your […]

Open mics

[PLEASE NOTE: Information listed here was accurate as of March 16, 2005. Please call the venue to verify information.] Ready to break into the local-music scene? Here’s the lowdown on what the area’s best-known open mics have to offer. Sundays • Sweet Heaven, 35-B Montford Ave. (259-9848) — Folky, family-friendly entertainment kicks off at 7 […]

Reality, when it doesn’t bite

“It’s important to learn the principles Nathaniel teaches,” explains a character in Dr. Michael Mamas’ new book, The Golden Frog (1st World Publishing, 2004). “But what’s most important about Nathaniel’s teachings can’t be boiled down to a handful of facts or concepts,” the rationale continues. “It’s more about the effect those teachings have on you.” […]

School of mixology

“I’ve heard a lot of crap from different towns and record labels …,” says Aaron Price. The failure of these places to offer up solid compilation CDs is what he’s lamenting. It’s a test the local multi-instrumentalist thinks he’s aced with Peaks & Curves: Music from Asheville, produced by Price and Bill Reynolds at Price’s […]

Grin reaper

“We’ve been accused of genre whiplash,” admits vocalist Rani Arbo — front woman for the strenuously inventive roots group daisy mayhem (note attention-grabbing lowercase letters). Think African box drum with fiddle. Think spooky spirituals with layered harmonies. The band’s latest CD, Gambling Eden (Signature Records, 2003), ranges from the raucous, rhythmic “Stewball” to the watery, […]

Just the facts

• You’ll need an ID (such as a driver’s license, military or state ID, passport or birth certificate), as well as proof of your Social Security number in the form of a Social Security card, W-2 form or payroll stub. • You do not need to be a resident of North Carolina to apply for […]

Blue period

Okay, there’s plenty of brain-cell-deteriorating fodder to be found in the world of major motion pictures. But then there’s the controversial likes of The Passion, along with other praying-man’s films like Contact, Seven Years in Tibet, The Little Buddha and even (if you read between the battle scenes) Star Wars. But producer Stephen Simon (Somewhere […]