Running time

Though many people trained in creative fields are making their livings carrying trays, Joseph Nilo is actually working in his medium of choice: film. As project manager at local Bclip Productions, Nilo clearly loves what he does, and raves that the company supports its employees’ after-hours endeavors. But, like most nine-to-fivers, Nilo often finds it […]

Twin is in

This is the story of twins raised separately, who, when reunited — unbeknownst to each other — dissolve all ensuing situations into hysteria. No one knows which twin is which, people get blamed for things they didn’t do, impish events take place, parents are reunited against their will … oh wait, that’s Disney’s The Parent […]

Sex and the symphony

It used to be that “classical” automatically equaled frumpy. Classical music was performed in stuffy, ornate halls complete with gaudy chandeliers. “The classics” referred to dusty, boring tomes of yore, unless they were musical hits from your grandparents’ generation, in which case they were just embarrassing. Classical art, classic cars: all stuff to be filed […]

Brevard Music Festival 2005 continues …

The Brevard Music Center’s 69th annual festival continues through Sunday, Aug. 7, in venues at and near BMC. Among the performances not to be missed: • Saturday, July 9, H.M.S. Pinafore, Janiec Opera Company; Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium This swashbuckling musical was Gilbert and Sullivan’s first blockbuster. 7:30 p.m. $23-$33. • Tuesday, July 12, Emmylou Harris, Whittington-Pfohl […]

Bliss on board

Chanting to a town near you: Kundalini Express. From Mongolian overtone chanting to Peruvian nose flutes to Catholic masses and Indian ragas, “music is part of every spiritual tradition,” Ananda Marga monk Dada Nabhaniilananda recently reminded us, via e-mail, from the road. Maybe so — but not every spiritual musician is blessed with an appellation […]

HMO-free zone

“I’ve written over fifty books. … None of them has ever given me the problems of this book,” admitted Robert Conley in the afterword to his latest work, Cherokee Medicine Man: The Life and Work of a Modern Day Healer (University of Oklahoma Press, 2005). “Some people have said … that it’s because this book […]