HATCH fashion slideshow

Groundbreakers and mentors from the fashion discipline of this year’s HATCH festival sent their designs down the runway. The show, held on Saturday at the Grove Arcade, took up the entire north end of the building and featured shoes, jewelry, apparel, hair and makeup, fashion photography and the work of a stylist.

Otherworldly explorations: Whether they’re singing about intergalactic dinosaurs or thought revolution or a world of flowers, Asheville’s Secret B-Sides want to “tempt their listeners into enlightenment.”

Crowd pleasers

There's a lot happening on the soon-to-be-released album, Flowers and Chocolate, the sophomore effort by local band Secret B-Sides. There are synthesizers and horns, party noises and samples, guest artists and hip-hop verse — and, like a slinky backbone through it all, the blithe and soulful lyrics of Juan Holladay. There's also a lot going […]

Around-the-world ticket: "Once you start to travel, your perspective changes,” says Taj Mahal, whose sound is based in the blues but touches on elements of the Caribbean, the South Pacific and Africa, among other influences. by Jay Blakesberg

Doors always open

"My drummer Chester Thompson says, 'What you ain't seen hasn't passed you yet,'" says singer/songwriter/blues innovator Taj Mahal. Considering that his career has spanned five decades, taken him around the globe and seen him combine forces with the likes of Ry Cooder, kora master Toumani Diabate and Indian slide guitar player V. M. Bhatt, it's […]