Pink dog barking, maybe a phoenix rising? The arts council is starting a new year in a new River Arts District space — with hopes for reviving a crippled organization. PHOTOS BY JONATHAN WELCH

The art of starting over

"This is kind of a phoenix act that we're pulling off," says Graham Hackett, program director for the Asheville Area Arts Council. He's talking about the opening of The ARTERY, a 1,400-square-foot multipurpose space in the River Arts District's new Pink Dog Creative studios — and with that opening, the resurrection of the local arts-promoting […]

Too much to do on January 15!

Even with the Abigail Washburn show at the Grey Eagle postponed (she was supposed to play Asheville on Saturday, Jan. 15, but landed a Prairie Home Companion gig instead — can’t begrudge her that!), there’s still too much to do on this particular Saturday. Unless you have super powers you’ll never fit it all in. (Still, it’s worth a try…)