PRODUCING CHANGE: The Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council is making strides with the recent addition of its first paid coordinator.  The council's aim is to eradicate food insecurity in the Asheville area.

New coordinato­r takes the helm at Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council

The Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council, a volunteer-driven organization since it began in 2011, recently hired Mary Ellen Lough as its first paid employee. In her new position as coordinator of the council’s various clusters, Lough hopes to increase the organization’s effectiveness at easing Buncombe County’s food-security issues.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Restaurateur Rosetta Buan celebrates the first anniversary of her Buchi Bar this weekend.

Rosetta’s Buchi Bar celebrates its first year

“Everyone has their own way of thinking about what Rosetta’s is and isn’t,” says Rosetta’s Kitchen and Buchi Bar owner Rosetta Buan. “Some people see it as a really punk enclave; some people think we are only a hippy-friendly establishment. … A lot of the time it is just a matter of what time you show up. The Buchi Bar celebrates its first anniversary this weekend with drink specials, music and more.

AED: Sweet stuff

When your sweet tooth starts making noise, it’s good to know that Asheville has myriad options offering swift and complete satisfaction. Consider these choice venues: The French Broad Chocolate Lounge downtown is one of Asheville’s standard-bearers for quality chocolates. When you visit, be sure to sample their sipping chocolates. Also notable is The Chocolate Fetish: […]

AED: Hidden gems and unsung heroes

Every city has its hidden gems — eating and drinking establishments that locals treasure but that may not command the same attention as their higher-profile brethren. Asheville boasts an array of those unsung heroes in just about every corner of the city. Many are tucked away amid the bustling downtown, but there are also good […]

AED: Something stronger

Despite having so many great breweries in Asheville, sometimes you just need a hiatus from the hops. Those finding themselves in need of something a little stronger should consider trying a tipple from one of the city’s many creative craft-cocktail lounges and savvy wine bars. Even though it was illegal to sell alcohol by the […]