A-B Tech to provide training for GE Aviation expansion

Here’s the press release from A-B Tech:

When GE Aviation held its groundbreaking ceremony Thursday, A-B Tech Community College was on hand to celebrate as one of the partners in the company’s expansion.

A-B Tech will create a training center for GE Aviation on the College’s Asheville campus and through the state’s customized training program, A-B Tech will train current and prospective GE employees.

“Together with GE Aviation, we are going to bring cutting-edge technology to Buncombe County,” said Kevin Kimrey, Director of Workforce Development at A-B Tech. “The advanced material known as ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) will mandate new manufacturing processes and thus new training programs. We look forward to teaming with GE in this effort.”

The training program at the College will allow current and prospective GE Aviation employees to train in a hands-on environment with state-of-the-art machinery. Facilities will include 5,000 square feet for training floor/lab spaces to accommodate 20 participants with an adjacent classroom. There will also be a dedicated lead instructor to facilitate the training, with adjuncts and state trainers on the faculty.

“A-B Tech will also train the new hires for their expansion of the new facility. GE’s plan is to hire about 60 more people through 2015,” Kimrey said. “The goal is to begin the first training of current employees by end of first quarter of 2014. We know it’s going to entail basics about composites and how they are related to the aviation industry. Training will also include safety, leadership and Lean Manufacturing principles.”


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