City of Asheville: Mayor-elect Manheimer attends Harvard conference for newly-elected mayors

From the city of Asheville:

Discussions and information at a conference held at Harvard University will yield invaluable resources for Asheville to tap into as it moves into the future, says the city’s Mayor-Elect Esther Manheimer. Manheimer is one of 20 incoming mayors from around the United States attending Harvard University’s Institute of Politics beginning Wednesday. The three-day program engages newly elected mayors and focuses on policy and issues like housing and economic development that are also fundamental strategic goals in the City of Asheville.

“I am excited about the learning opportunities this event provides and hopeful to bring back great ideas to apply when I get home,” Manheimer said.

Manheimer was invited to attend alongside newly-elected mayors from cities like Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, and Rochester, New York. All expenses were paid by the Institute of Policy.
Manheimer will be sworn in as Asheville’s 47th mayor in a ceremony prior to Asheville City Council’s Dec. 10 meeting.


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