Sister Bad Habit makes it to the venerable Oxford American

Wherein the dexterous Oxford A finds Sister Bad Habit for a Q and A. An excerpt:

“Sister Bad Habit is a hairy-legged presence that’s bizarre even on the tolerant streets of the bohemian enclave of Asheville, North Carolina, where she often is spotted wheeling around on an immense bicycle and flailing at sinners with a ruler. My favorite personal sighting involved her holiness high-stepping at full speed down Patton Avenue as if in headlong pursuit of Satan, and, without breaking stride, hurdling the rail into the Thirsty Monk to the shock of imbibing patrons. One man quickly crossed himself and a woman clutched her heart, while at least three obviously lapsed Catholics flung down their pints and fell to their knees.”

Read the whole thing at the link provided.


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