Blog Log: The week in local blogging

Blog Log: The week in local blogging-attachment0

Now that the beer war is over, will the sniping stop?

As we pointed out here, the Beer City USA poll raised some snarky barbs between Portland and Asheville, and now that the poll is over, maybe everyone can calm down.

I mean, as Kelby Carr notes, we’re not in high school anymore.

So far, it seems like a good time for rumination on the nature of the poll. Asheville Beer Blog has this missive, while its west-coast doppelganger has this to say.

It’s like it’s time for new beginnings, much like May itself. Some took the opportunity to dance around the maypole like Loving Raw. Others celebrated May Day by occupying buildings, evading police and “throwing sh*t at stuff we hate.”

Speaking of hate, Pritchard Park gets it’s share of criticism, but you’ll hear nothing but praise from, appropriately enough, Pritchard Park Blog.

Like we’ve said before, maybe it’s time to get up from the computer (easy to do if you are George the Bastard and yours just died) and get you some nature.

Of course nature has its own issues, including the tornados over at UrbanGypz and the dog vs. bear event at Ephemera.

Brian Postelle, staff writer


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