Mold Conundrum: Tenants at Pinnacle Ridge (now known as Hawthorne Northside), an apartment complex near UNC Asheville on Merrimon Avenue, say that problems with mold proved incredibly difficult to solve; city officials say they’re limited in what actions they can take. photos by Max Cooper

Breaking the mold: complaints spotlight Asheville’­s rental housing issues

Multiple complaints about mold, rot, and other woes at a Merrimon Avenue apartment complex earlier this year casts doubt on the ability of local governments to deal with what many see as a serious health issue, leaving tenants feeling powerless to get their grievances addressed. And with the Asheville area having some of the highest housing costs in the state and one-third of its working population earning low wages, many local renters face similar issues.

Localism in Asheville a hoax?

Bernard Carman, who lives in an old eight-bedroom Victorian [in Montford], opened his empty rooms to the people who work, play and create in this city renowned for its vibrant musical, literary and performing-arts scenes [”Sustainable for Whom,” Nov. 17 Xpress]. He has helped his local community grow for 22 years simply by trying to […]