Diversity through laughter

Laugh track: Local promoter Joe Greene believes that “the cultivation of diverse audiences can create positive exchanges and foster equity for all community residents in Asheville.” After a yearlong break, he’s back with a comedy show featuring Tyler Craig. Photo by Jon Farmer Asheville likes to celebrate diversity, and we’ve got the bumper stickers to […]

Color outside the lines

Photos by Artemus Jenkins “We were all born with a purpose and a special gift,” says Miya Bailey, and his own life is proof. As founder of City of Ink, a thriving tattoo shop and art gallery in Atlanta, he found his talent early. Bailey began developing his particular purpose and gift in the housing […]

Herd of nerds: Dragon*Con

“I’m baffled and completely confused,” said Kevin Lacey of the Peculiar Pretzelmen about his first Dragon*Con experience. I totally relate. I didn’t know what to expect at Dragon*Con, and I could not have imagined the bizarre enormity of the largest fan-run multimedia popular culture convention in the universe.