Kids Issue: Simply Beautiful

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Cover Design Credit:

Scott Southwick

Cover Photography Credit:

Quinn Gillett-Hockman
For this year’s Kids Issue, Xpress asked local K-12 students to create art and writing around the theme of “Simply Beautiful.” They enthusiastically responded with a bouquet of colorful and intriguing art, essays, poems and short fiction. About the cover: Home-schooled sixth grader Quinn Gillett-Hockman writes of “Colors”: “Colorful flowers make me happy, and I wanted to create a picture that captured the simple beauty of flowers.”




  • Local hospitals encourage more blood donation

    -by Jessica Wakeman
    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of behavioral changes and not all of them are good — for example, blood donation. Western North Carolina’s blood supply is maintained through…


  • WTF: Ballot initiatives

    -by Brooke Randle
    In the latest installment of our recurring “WTF?” feature — Want The Facts — Xpress looks into the practice of local ballot initiatives to answer some of the biggest questions.
  • Local teens find their passions while giving back

    -by Linda Ray
    Delaney Burke, who directs youth operations for the YMCA in Western North Carolina, says she notices that adolescent volunteers get as much out of their service as do the younger…
  • Green in brief: Blue Ridge Parkway tops national parks in 2021 visitation

    -by Daniel Walton
    The scenic roadway saw 15.9 million recreation visits in 2021, up from about 14 million in 2020; the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which also includes land in Western North…
  • 125 Afghan evacuees resettled in Buncombe County

    -by Jessica Wakeman
    Over 125 Afghans who were evacuated by the United States amid the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan this summer now call Buncombe County home. It’s been a long journey. On Aug.…
  • Asheville board upholds employee firings over vaccine mandate

    -by Niko Kyriakou
    The volunteer Civil Service Board, which has authority over employee grievances, agreed with the city’s argument Feb. 22 that five workers had shown insubordination by refusing COVID-19 vaccination or weekly…
  • Big Ivy protections spur big turnout at Buncombe meeting

    -by Daniel Walton
    Although the U.S. Forest Service has recommended that most of Big Ivy be managed for conservation or recreation, approximately 4,000 acres in the North Fork and Snowball Mountain areas has…