Anti-Trump protesters march downtown

Two separate groups of protesters marched the downtown streets of Asheville, in demonstration against the inauguration of Donald Trump. Both groups, about 50 people in all, made their way toward the Vance Monument at noon, as Trump was sworn in. Empty paint buckets functioned as snare drums, leading rally cries of: “Donald Trump is a grump, throw that chump into the dump,” and “No borders, no nations, stop deportation.”



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About Thomas Calder
Thomas Calder received his MFA in Fiction from the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program. He has worked with several publications, including Gulf Coast and the Collagist.

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55 thoughts on “Anti-Trump protesters march downtown

  1. The Real World

    My, aren’t they prejudicial, intolerant, close-minded and rejecting of diversity. Par for the course and just another day in the life of the lunatic fringe.

    • NFB

      So it is OK for the lunatic fringe to protest when its the tea party against Obama, but not for anyone against Trump?

      Interesting how perspectives change when the shoe switched feet.

      • The Real World

        You are welcome to remind me if I don’t remember but, I do not recall people protesting Obama just for being Obama when he was first inaugurated. The snowflakes would have gone berserk and screamed ‘racism’. What was to protest? He hadn’t done anything yet. Nor has Trump yet…..except to already get numerous business executives to create more jobs in America.

        In 6 months, if people genuinely don’t like some of his actions — then have at it. It’s the American way to speak your mind and be involved. But, it is VERY prejudicial to protest prior to any actions being taken by a new President.

        • NFB

          LOL. People were outraged over Obama for being a, gasp, Muslim, Kenyan socialist before he ever took office. Many were demanding to see his birth certificate before he took office, and there was even that nonsense about how he was not a legitimate president because John Roberts flubbed to oath of office.

          • The Real World

            Were they disrupting Inauguration Day? Smashing store windows, clashing with police, multiple arrests, etc? (Not here but in D.C.)

          • luther blissett

            Oh, a few anarchists burned a trash can, the horror, the horror.

            “In 6 months, if people genuinely don’t like some of his actions — then have at it.”

            He was kicking black people out of rentals in 1973. He’s been sexually assaulting women for 40 years. He’s been stiffing contractors for 40 years. We know what he is, we know who he is, he’s 70 years old.

          • The Real World

            Poor Luther, feeling so cranky today. Like everyday actually but I guess Jan 20 stung especially so.
            I can tell where you get your misinformation……..from fake news central, CNN.

            Right, they just burned a trashcan. And there will be more destruction and arrests tomorrow from the tolerant, open-minded, diverse crowd. Hhmm, 217 arrested so far. Scroll and look at the photos so you can be INformed.

    • Guardians

      It is not a prejudice to protest a supposed “leader” who it becoming “Commander in Chief”, when that individual has no qualifications in governing, has broken many laws in his business operations, and consistently makes racist and intolerant comments against many people in the United States, and around the world. It is not close-minded to stand against an individual who has explicitly expressed their rejection of diversity, and shown both prejudice and intolerance against people who deserve neither. It is certainly appropriate to be intolerant of this kind of individual taking a leadership position. If this is the stance of the “lunatic fringe,” we need more people brave enough to stand with them.

      • The Real World

        “supposed “leader” who is becoming “Commander in Chief”, when that individual has no qualifications in governing, has broken many laws in his business operations, and consistently makes racist and intolerant comments against many people in the United States, ” —– you do realize you described our outgoing Prez minus the business part, right?

        “No borders, no nations, stop deportation.” — that is the part that makes them fringe and, clearly, provincial. No nations, no borders? Good grief, who hijacked their brains? (nevermind, I know who). They have been played and are yet to realize it.

          • The Real World

            Uh oh, I’ve been triggered. The Mensa Brigade has arrived and I must seek safe space.

            p.s. yummmm, shrimp!

      • Fin

        Can you tell me the racists statements that he has said? Just for clarification.

  2. James

    After seeing these photos of the unkempt, cowardly protesters (I guess the ones with drapes over their faces don’t want their parents to see how they’re wasting their trust fund dollars), I am so proud of myself for voting for Trump. “Donald Trump is a grump, throw that chump into the dump.” Ooo how clever, they made a little rhyme – give these poor little buttercups a participation trophy. “No borders, no nations, stop deportation.” No participation trophy for this one though simply because it’s just plain ridiculous. If we had no borders and weren’t a nation, then there’d be no rule of law, no president, no police force and no civility. If this is the kind of surrealism being taught in today’s public schools, these poor little buttercups need a time out and their teachers need a paddling.

  3. NFB

    ” “Donald Trump is a grump, throw that chump into the dump.” Ooo how clever, they made a little rhyme”

    Yeah, and the tea baggers used names like Obummer and Obango, etc.

    A word to all the chumpsters: Get used to people protesting his presidency. Why should you expect him to be shown any more deference and respect than Republicans and the tea party showed Obama for 8 years?

  4. Lulz

    LOL, you mean they got time off from serving me coffee to protest? So they don’t need higher pay then because obviously they make plenty.

    • Edison Carter

      That’s about your speed. Do your parents know you are on their PC with out their knowledge?? I bet the baby sitter will be in big trouble if they find out. Off to bed for you, sleepy head, as it’s way past your bedtime.

    • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

      That’s a real sign btw, not a photoshop. An artist named Sabo in LA made it and a number of other signs for the Trump protest there. He loves to troll Hollywood with street signs like that..

      • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

        More from Sabo

        “I am a political artist first, and it’s my duty to keep Trump’s and other politicians’ feet to the fire, something most left-wing artists have forgotten. They are Democrats before they are artists,” Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter.

        “To see so many Hollywood elites lose their minds [over his artwork] is a pleasure,” Sabo said. “I no longer see entertainers, I see left-wing soldiers doing their part in indoctrinating those they entertain. Hollywood is dead to a great portion of America these days.”

        • The Real World

          “I see left-wing soldiers doing their part in indoctrinating those they entertain.” — no kidding. So many movies put out in the last many years with blatant, present-day political spin applied to historical stories. Good for Sabo!

          And indoctrinating is definitely the right word. He gets it.

          • luther blissett

            “So many movies put out in the last many years with blatant, present-day political spin applied to historical stories.”

            You mean, movies about slavery that suggest slavery was a bad thing and that slave owners were terrible people? Oh, Statler and Walforf, keep doing your best muppet act.

  5. Richard B.

    Mainstream Asheville protecting our rights!
    Does anyone know what they are protesting?

    • Huhsure

      Misogyny? Racism? Xenophobia? Clear and declared fascism? A President clearly compromised by not only his business interests, but his own lack of character and his thin-skinned childishness?

      Dare I go on?

      • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

        Might as well keep digging a deeper hole for yourself. Nobody with any sense listens to this sh!t anymore.

        • Huhsure

          Except all those people who turned out today to protest against his misogyny and racism and fascism, that is.

  6. Steven Price

    If you really stand behind what you are trying to accomplish, why hide your face?

      • Andrea

        There were no crimes committed. And you say “progressives, like it is a bad thing. Three opposite of progress….is regression. Sorry, I Erik take progress any day.

        • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

          No crimes committed in Asheville, but 200+ were arrested in DC, and 95% of those will be charged with felony rioting (max 10-year prison sentence).

          • Huhsure

            You mean at the protests the day before the Women’s March? That had nothing to do with the Women’s March?

          • Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

            That’s correct, but my comment was in reference to the prior comment about masked anarchists who did their evil deeds on the same day as the protest mentioned in this LTE.

  7. Fin

    It all worked ou in the end,, they got participation trophies so they weren’t so emotional. Anarchists are the biggest group of non contributing whiners. So when is trump setting up the camps for gays , women and minorities? It was his campaign promise right?! From these comments from elite liberals it’s no wonder Trump is OUR president. I blame you, GO ahead be angry, but make sure your angry is directed towards the right people. Hillary was a terrible candidate, anybody else would of beat Trump, but no one can accept that and deflects blame on anything it reality.

    • Richard B.

      And that is about it…Fin nails it.
      Not a Trump supporter during the primaries. But the alternative?
      Look, I have no problem looking at Republican candidates and
      recognizing their faults and competencies for political office, as I have not allowed my ideology to overtake my normal rational thinking and reasoning.
      So I know that if I were a Democrat, I would recognize in Clinton a character trait of dishonesty and lying to the American People. Simple as that.
      Whether or not I would still vote for her is another decision point.
      What I am observing with Dems going over the deep end in a hypocritical way (“will you be accepting of Hillary winning the election after it is over”…asked of me
      many times prior to the election as well as a battle cry of the Dems to Trump and supporters), with dishonest and childish rants, is troubling, sad, and disappointing.

      • Huhsure

        Damn hilarious, man. “I would recognize in Clinton a character trait of dishonesty.” Then what in the hell would you call that character trait in Trump?

        • Richard B.

          Huhsure, is he brash, sometimes braggadocio, sometimes irritating? Yes, he is.
          Point out where you have proof of dishonesty.
          Does he speak off the cuff, often without thinking about how his words will be heard? Yes.
          But prove what he has said to earn the moniker of being a racist, hateful of women, hateful of gays, transgender, etc.. Because of the traits mentioned, I was hopeful just about any other Republican would have won the nomination but him. Unfortunately, that did not happen.
          I do not have to prove Clinton to be dishonest and having lied to the public, many times.
          But if I hated Trump enough, that does not mean someone would not vote for her.
          Just be honest about each candidate on the basis of observed behavior.

          • Huhsure

            Proof of his dishonesty? Well, ooooook.

            He claimed 1.5 million at his inauguration. Estimates are 1/6 that much. This lie during a speech at the CIA just today.

            All his “birther” BS about Obama. If you still believe it, or some variation, you’re a sucker.

            His claim that the “real” unemployment rate is 42%. Lie. He then claimed it was 23%. Also not true.

            His claim that Obama was accepting 200,000 Syrian refugees. A lie.

            He claimed Bush tried to silence his Iraq war opposition in 2003.

            His claim that 1000s of Muslims in NJ were celebrating the 9/11 attacks. Utter crap.

            His baseless claim (even after they were vindicated by DNA evidence) that the Central Park 5 are the true perpetrators of the crime.

            Claimed we could save $300 billion by allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies. Medicare costs $78 billion/year total. Total annual spending on prescription drugs is between $300 and $425 billion.

            Trump University. Every last molecule of it.

            Said he could eliminate $19 billion in debt in eight years. “Even if Trumpnuts eliminated every government function and shut down every Cabinet agency, he’d still be $16 trillion short.”

            Claimed ISIS in Libya was making a fortune off of stolen oil. No, no they aren’t. Not even making anything off of it.

            Claimed “scores” of recent migrants charged with terrorism. A lie.

            Putin never called him a genius.

            Claimed during the campaign that there was something “fishy” about Vincent Foster’s death.

            Claimed, via BS from Breitbart, that Obama admin was supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq.

            Claimed he had nothing to do with Russia.

            Mocked a disabled reporter, then repeatedly lied about it. Still lies about it.

            Lied and said that Hillary lacked “mental and physical stamina” to be president, playing off of BS alt-right pepe the frog rumor-mongering.

            Claimed the murder rate is the highest it has been in 45 years. It is back down to where it was 45 years ago, 1/2 of what it was during the 80s and 90s.

            Most of these are here, with links to their respective pages with documentation:


            And here are examples of Trump telling the truth about his lying:


            An example:

            “Funny how that term caught on, isn’t it? I tell everyone: I hated it! Somebody said, ‘Drain the swamp.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s so hokey. That is so terrible.’ I said, ‘All right. I’ll try it.’ So like a month ago, I said, ‘Drain the swamp.’ The place went crazy. I said, ‘Whoa. Watch this.’ Then I said it again. Then I started saying it like I meant it, right? And then I said it, I started loving it.”

            This is just a sampling. A brief sampling of the lies he tells on a daily basis. He lies so often, it’s hard to keep track. One reporter for the Toronto Star did:


            He’s a grifter. He has no pretense of being otherwise. If you believe him, on practically anything, you’re being grifted.

          • The Real World

            Allow me to be radical, just this once: why don’t you think for yourself? Instead you trust Media Matters (founded/funded by wealthy liberals to smear any info that doesn’t support their agenda. Facts not important.)

            Another slimy George Soros production; not anywhere close to impartial. Yawn.

          • Huhsure

            Hi-larious. You want us to read the utterly discredited “Clinton Cash” nonsense (with the movie funded by white supremacist White House counselor Steve Bannon). And you say “facts are important”! Hahahahahahaha!

          • The Real World

            You are in a world all your own or are horribly under-informed. Shortly after the election, Australia, who had been contributing 10’s of millions to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) for a decade announced they were completely discontinuing their donations.

            Then Norway, one their biggest donors, announced they were cutting their donations by 75%. I imagine many other foreign nations, businesses and individuals also stopped. Because, guess what? It was NOT about charity, the donors were buying political access/favors, period. And after the election, HRC no longer had the clout.

            STILL in denial about that “charity”? CGI has now announced they are closing! Why would they do that? Hello — b/c the money spigot got turned off. It was a sham slush fund for themselves. They should be in Riker’s Island.

          • Huhsure

            Oh, look. A simple google search found this in 10 seconds. And from CNBC, hardly a liberal bastion. But you go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe, snowflake.

            “Recent events could give that impression that the post-political view for the Clinton Foundation is negative. Several right-wing news outlets recently reported that the Clinton Global Initiative — the annual event held by the Clinton Foundation in New York City — will wind down, based on a filing with the New York State Department of Labor from January 12. But the layoffs at the Initiative detailed in the filing had first been reported as far back as September and had in fact been announced by Bill Clinton earlier in 2016, when he said CGI would wind down regardless of the election outcome.

            Reports of the Foundation’s demise

            Clinton Foundation spokesman Brian Cookstra told CNBC that reports of the foundation’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

            “The Clinton Foundation’s work continues,” Cookstra said. “In fact, we recently announced the next class of our Presidential Leadership Scholars for 2017. We are continuing the changes to CGI that were announced last year, that we said at the time would happen regardless of the outcome of the election.”

            Charity Navigator, an online guide to philanthropic organizations, gives the Clinton Foundation four stars out of four possible stars. The charity watchdog’s view stands in contrast to the way the foundation was characterized during the presidential campaign, but it’s consistent with the views of some who have been close to the Clintons over the years and have observed how the foundation operates.

            It also received an A rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy’s CharityWatch.
            “It is a highly rated charity,” said Los Angeles attorney Bennet Kelley, who was a fundraiser for President Clinton during the 1990s. “The money that went in went to its purpose.”

  8. Deplorable Infidel

    dang funny thread ya’ll! … great video posted above by Tim Peck the local wizard of exposing the leftwing brilliantly!

  9. The Pontificator

    Donald Trump uncaring of women’s health issues? I think not.

    President Trump has gotten more fat women up off their butts and walking in one day than Michelle Obama was able to accomplish in eight years.

  10. Deplorable Infidel

    LOL…pontificator! agreed…
    Perhaps Mr. Peck was called to Ft. Worth but he is always on target with
    worthwhile information around here as needed …

  11. Snowflake (Social Justice Worrier)

    Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Anti-Trumper from Seattle gets kicked off a flight for abusing a Trump supporter flying home from the inauguration. Passengers applaud when she’s kicked off. The woman’s poor mangina husband sitting next to her just lost his mother, and she shows him her love by getting themselves kicked off. Unreal…

    • The Real World

      Yes, I saw that. Unreal! That woman needs shock therapy, or something. Yet another hijacked brain.

      I was impressed that the airline was cognizant and bold enough to declare she had to go even though she promised to “be quiet”. They’ve experienced her type before so they knew better. More lunatic fringe.

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