Letter: Assault weapons stance violates oath of office

Graphic by Lori Deaton

I live in Buncombe County, and a serious matter regarding a local threat of domestic terrorism has come to my attention.

The mayor of the city of Asheville, Esther Manheimer, along with the entire City Council, have unanimously voted to tell North Carolina state as well as federal officials to “ban ‘assault’ weapons.” Manheimer admitted her agenda is to go further, to ban all semiautomatic firearms [avl.mx/4ss].

Resulting from political deceit, it is somewhat difficult to understand the meaning of “assault weapon,” because both the mainstream media and politicians such as these often erroneously refer to semiautomatic firearms as “assault weapons” in attempts to control the narrative and scare an uninformed public. In this case, it has been admitted by Manheimer that her agenda is to prohibit all semiautomatic firearms, which is nearly every single firearm in existence, including revolvers.

Such declarations made by these pubic officials constitute a violation of their sworn oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution from all foreign and domestic threats. In doing so, they have exemplified incompetence to hold office, not only for violating their oath of office, but also for treason against the American people for conveying threats of domestic terrorism.

As a very concerned citizen of Buncombe County, I have made these actions known to the office of the North Carolina governor. Every Asheville City Council member has violated their oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution by calling for the North Carolina state legislature to ban semiautomatic firearms, and should be removed from office immediately and also be charged for treason for communicating threats, which would directly violate the individual and unalienable natural right to self-defense, which the U.S. Constitution is designed to legally protect.

In liberty,

— Bernard Baruch Carman

Editor’s note: Xpress contacted the mayor and City Council for their responses but did not receive any replies.


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11 thoughts on “Letter: Assault weapons stance violates oath of office

  1. C-Law

    I sympathize with your perspective Mr. Carman. The truth is that the Republic created by the sovereign consent of independent States organized under the Constitution was utterly destroyed (both Republic and Constitution) and absorbed into the Yankee Empire in 1865. You are not and have not had rights and freedoms as a citizen since that time forward to now…we are all simply subjects of the national empire. Citizen versus subject…makes all the difference in the world! We just happen to be living at the end of the Yankee Empire, with front row seas to watch the final act.

    • Lulz

      LOL it ain’t a Yankee Empire, it’s a Banana Republic with a group of leftist that falsely assume they can dictate to others what their rights mean.

      Only in America can mayor Manny protest at a MeToo rally and take long vacations that many cannot afford. And claim as a female she is a 2nd class citizen. The whole rotten system is a farce. With the biggest cons in the driver’s seat.

    • bernard b carman

      C-Law, thank you for your comments. i largely agree with your assessment.

      the centralized federal STATE which was created out of the “War of Northern Aggression” and the 14th Amendment began violating various Natural Rights of the individual at an exponential rate. of course, there were violations prior as well, most notably the destruction of the First Amendment “Accountability Clause” in the early 1800’s, but no way near as egregious as what occurred in the 20th century in “Neo-Amerika” (post-Constitutional America).

      regardless of our present state “citizen” vs. “subject” and how or to what degree our Natural Rights are violated by the STATE, it can only be up to the people to stand up and profess reclaiming them. in my life from 1965 through the present, i have not witnessed much if any concerted effort whatsoever among the people to do so. certainly neither party among the political duopoly has done do — rather, both continue to advance various aspects of Collectivism, which yields the fruit of slavery and tyranny.

      notice that while the Union’s biased “Supreme Court” decided that the States had no just authority to secede from the Federation of States, the Declaration of Independence makes it perfectly clear that the free people not only have the unalienable Natural Right to Secession, but even further asserts they have a *duty* to dissolve such political chains of despotism by means of secession or even forceful abolishment if necessary, instituting new government, laying its foundation on such principles as natural rights.

      however, prior for a people to come to such resolve, they must first be re-educated about all that has been lost through many generations of collectivist indoctrination by the STATE school system and its controlled mainstream media. the masses have been enslaved to a collectivist system for so long now that they do not even comprehend what a Natural Right even is, let alone the difference between Civil Law and Natural Law.

      therefore, it’s no surprise that none among the City Council, Mayor, and County Commissioners responded to my letter, either directly or via the Xpress as noted by the editor. i had been informed that the local government must be allowed a response to any letter submissions critical of itself prior to being published.

      i believe they will strive to not ever respond to such pointed questions which shed light upon the truth — that elected public servants routinely violate their oaths of office by upholding “laws” which in and of themselves violate our Natural Rights they swore to protect at ALL levels of this corrupted government. yet, how can anyone respond to a matter about which they have not been educated?

      such is why i wrote a follow-up letter to our local public servants, along with all of the candidates for Buncombe Sheriff, another letter entitled “Public Servant Liberty Education” [ http://infinityliberty.blogspot.com/2018/04/public-servant-liberty-education.html ].

      we simply cannot continue criticizing our public servants locally, regionally, or nationally without offering them truthful education. to do so exemplifies foolishness. we should not be at odds with our public servants and neighbors. rather, we ought to strive to educate them… although, at times it seems to be impossible.

      as i write this reply i cannot get a recent dialog out of my head so i must share it with you and others who happen across this thread.

      a workmate recently commented that he read my letter to the editor in the Xpress and he doesn’t agree with it. he said what i wrote was “too extreme” (as if the all out confiscation of our firearms is somehow not extreme). he went on to say that no one has the “right” to own firearms which allow someone to rapid fire even by pulling the trigger fast, and that all such guns are designed to kill (as if ANY weapon is not designed to kill).

      i told him that if he disagreed with my letter, he then has to be willing to murder at least 3 million Americans who WILL NOT give up any firearms to such a STATE mandated confiscation — including myself. he asked if i was a “gun nut”, as if owning guns somehow makes one “nuttier” than those who desire to disarm Americans for no effective reason whatsoever (other than violating their Natural Right to Self-Defense and Property).

      then in like manner as so many among the anti-gun crowd, he responded as if he never said so, claiming that “no one wants to take away [our] guns”.

      at this point it should perhaps no longer surprise me, but i remain routinely confused by the blatant and repetitive portray of cognitive dissonance among the anti-gun camp. how can anyone with sound thinking make an assertion, and then within the same breath make another assertion which entirely contradicts their previous one… and not even notice???

      of all the nonsense being portrayed by people engaging in deceitful politics, especially from those who have been waging a seemingly nonstop barrage of criticisms and charges of dishonesty toward the current Presidential administration, this apparent intentional example of deceit gets the trophy.

      as i recently posted on my FB wall, i have been an independent voter most all my life, but the Democrats are now forcing me to seriously consider voting a straight Republican ticket for the very first time in my life. however, i also have little confidence that the Republican candidates winning the primary would act much differently than Democrats. after all, those elected in the primaries who are given various advantages by the two parties have yet to act much differently over the last century, so why would i presume this norm would change?

      taking this phenomenon as some form of inanity which i can only presume is resultant of those who have been entirely indoctrinated by Collectivism, i merely reminded him that he had just shared with me his advocation of a gun confiscation which even includes revolvers. he replied that’s not the case and that *i know that*. of course, i replied that i do not *know that* when those public servants have stated otherwise.

      i tried to explain to him how the anti-gun camp has used intentional deceit in its usage of the term “assault rifle” as a scare tactic to an ignorant populous who doesn’t even know the fact that “AR” means “Armalite Rifle”, bearing the name of the company who originally produced the firearm.

      he didn’t give me a chance to explain how the term itself is deceitful — that factually and even according to Civil Law dating back to antiquity, ANY inanimate object can be used to *assault* someone, nor the fact that this ambiguous term was only ever adopted to refer to fully automatic firearms, NOT semi-automatic.

      i merely attempted to explain that these public servants use the deceitful term “assault rifle” to refer to ALL semi-automatic firearms — this includes most all revolvers. he replied that’s just “semantics”. he didn’t even want to know the difference between semi-auto vs. fully-auto, or any other FACT about the matter. he merely knows what he has been told to believe and has refused to hear anything else.

      afterwards, i tried to piece together what could be going on in his head which would cause him to cite “semantics” as “meaningless” in this matter, which in and of itself exemplifies irony at its finest.

      semantics is the study of meaning in language. so basically he is telling me he’s not interested in understanding the meaning of the language being used to convey thoughts about a subject.

      everyone engaged in this so called gun “debate” should stop and consider how it is even possible to communicate with one another if we don’t know, or care to know, about the meaning of the words we use?

      i do agree with you in that the compete collapse of society and economy is imminent and most likely at this point nothing will prevent this from occurring, especially if the masses are determined to refuse truth and education.

      however, in my experience i have found no other action more worthy of our efforts in the betterment of humankind other than to continue educating ourselves in such matters of truth in order to help educate others, even if there are only a small percentage of the masses remaining who have not yet been so negatively affected by collectivist indoctrination that they can no longer even logically reason with others.

      therefore, i continue in this largely unappreciated and seemingly unfruitful endeavor so that perhaps a few more minds will be open to such truths. 8-)

      • C-Law

        Hear-hear, well said…
        Would the federals ever devolve power back to the people and states? And if so, would it change the local anti constitutional thugocracy that rules Asheville!?
        Shavua Tov, friend!

  2. Lulz

    The Constitution limits the power of the government. Not the other way around lulz.

    Agree, they are traitors.

    • boatrocker

      The Constitution is what this current administration does not adhere to.
      But worship oopsie! ‘polish’ your guns and whine for having to pay your fair share of taxes
      from a basement computer terminal.

      • Lulz

        LOL how so? You mean the previous executive with his phone and pen and never ending executive orders that bypassed congress, weaponized the IRS, and placed a spy in the Trump campaign was like super duper clean? LIEberals lulz. Either you have integrity and standards and obviously some don’t get the meaning of it and how damaging it is when it’s ignored. And in the case of LIEberals, it’s crimes and fraud for me but not for thee LOL.

  3. Enlightened Enigma

    This is what happens when AVL elects criminals …yes we have elected criminals running the city. Bernard knows well of the city of AVL and I see he has relocated out of Montford! Totally understandable!

    THE VanWinkle Law Firm should be ashamed and embarrassed to employ Manheimer.

    • Lulz

      Van Winkle also represents Peterson. And the firm has mucho dealings behind the scenes. I take that whole scene with a grain of salt. All involved have made hundreds of millions of dollars while squabbling.

    • bernard b carman

      Enlightened Enigma: noteworthy to mention, i didn’t relocate out of Montford on my own volition. i was forced out of Montford and lost nearly everything i had worked for 26 years of my life — and without government assistance — by a corrupt City Council and VERY corrupt City Zoning Committee which coaxed me into wasting ~$1500 in order to go through a zoning change process which it apparently knew it would not approve prior to instructing me to do so.

      just so you know, everyone can read the details of my plight which was caused by the City of Asheville on my blogpost “How Socialism Destroyed My Livelihood” [ http://infinityliberty.blogspot.com/2015/10/how-asheville-destroyed-my-livelihood.html ].

      i am very thankful to now be living in the county. however, as my letter to the Xpress editor (which i had also sent to AVL City Council, Mayor & County Commissioners) explains, i fear the tyranny & corruption which has existed in the city for so very long continues to grow totally out of control to the point where even county residents are now being threatened to the point of being murdered by STATE-paid mercenaries to enforce any corrupt piece of legislation passed into so called “law” — in this case, an order akin to that made by a “Fuhrer” rather than an elected public servant who took an Oath of Office to honor the US Constitution which was created solely to limit the power and scope of the STATE in its mandate to the protection of our Natural Rights.

      i also wrote again to these local public servants, along with all of the candidates for Buncombe Sheriff, another letter explaining to them a fact they have apparently not even yet considered, that by calling for the confiscation of ANY firearm equates to calling for the MURDER of at minimum 3 MILLION Americans who WILL NOT comply: Public Servant Liberty Education [ http://infinityliberty.blogspot.com/2018/04/public-servant-liberty-education.html ].

      i am one of these, and despite the supposed “surveys” which claim the overwhelming majority of Americans support stricter gun regulations including the confiscation of so called “assault rifles” (which to them equates to all semi-automatics), the comply rate among those areas which have already done so is very low. i would imagine here in the WNC mountains, the comply rate would be even lower. Appalachia has a long running history of not going along with tyranny — be it prohibitions against moonshine, marijuana, or firearm ownership.

      the City of AVL took my home and livelihood from me. i’m not going to allow it to also take my firearms without exercising my Natural Right to Self-Defense & Property.

      • Enlightened Enigma

        !!! THANKS for posting all of that for public review! Most of the city people have NO clue what you went through at the hands of this ‘tolerant and inclusive’ city.

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