Letter writer: Support efforts in California to unhook from crazy train

Graphic by Lori Deaton

[The date of] 11-9, the day the results were made clear, seemed to me, and to many others, like another 9-11, although one with a crumbling sound that will last four years. The Hidden Trump Vote apparently was real, and the Electoral College “trumped” the popular vote.

Too bad the HRC campaign, along with most comfortable liberals, couldn’t see the wisdom in jettisoning the small-business-will-save-us mantra. Cute shops selling gluten-free unicorn biscuits go over well here in Asheville, but in the Rust Belt, where I grew up, not so much. The Dems might have swung Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio with a common-sense industrial plan.

Still, got to put a load of blame on the Trump voters, first nominating  then electing this abomination who serial-lied his way to the White House. To that end, California has reignited a secessionist movement to unhook from the crazy train. Oregon and Washington likely to follow suit. Maybe Hawaii? Check out CalExit and the Yes California info.

Secession would be a difficult path, but some level of regional autonomy should be achievable. Add in maybe — New England? We wouldn’t have to move there. We could support the process by pushing hard on our House of Representatives and Senate folks to let it happen. First order of business for escaping states: Dial back the pervasive cult-of-camo military fetish that has the red states forcing the rest of us to fund their kill-’em-all agenda.

— Larry Abbott

Editor’s note: The original headline for this letter, “Unhook from Crazy Train with NC Secession,” did not reflect the letter writer’s main point. He was not suggesting that North Carolina secede, but that North Carolinians should support the efforts in California to do so.


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39 thoughts on “Letter writer: Support efforts in California to unhook from crazy train

  1. Lulz

    LOL, because without a whole lotta federal funding, California is like solvent. You’re about to witness it first hand BTW when the money is simply stopped. You lefty loons are all about taxation to change behaviors so let’s see it applied firsthand. Starve California. Better yet, hope that the San Andreas get rocked and it simply floats away.

    • Lulz

      Oh LOL, if California was like Eden, the fools that move from there to here wouldn’t bother.

    • Christine Smith

      California pays more in federal taxes than it gets back in federal funding, services, etc. Truth is, California is subsidizing other states, and would be in better shape tax/government funding wise. If California exits the union, they’re not the ones who are gonna take the hit federal funding wise. The other states will.

      • Hoosier Larry

        Yes, Christine. CA has a large economy and more mixed than many realize. Sure, water and immigration problems are an issue but there are MANY nations on the globe, much smaller than CA where the citizens lead safe and comfortable lives. With the number of well-educated, globally aware Californians out there, this CAN be made to work. Likely, WA, OR, and HI would join in, set up regional trade initiatives, health care, etc. Strange how those trolls who HATE CA and NY react with vitriol at the thought of their leaving, forming the Enlightened States of America. ESA! ESA!

        • Lulz

          LOL, please, please, pretty please can NY and CA leave. And you “enlightened” fools can go with them.

          • boatrocker

            As also will your tourist based economy and prosperity leave with them, as your Tea Party co posters love to point out.
            How dare you poke fun at the almighty unregulated capitalist dollar and over development! For shame!

            Do not insult your incoming POTUS’ home state. NY values will make America Grate (their teeth) Again.

            As for CA, where will you get your awful Hollywood movies based on video games and your porn?
            Consider carefully.

      • Lulz

        LOL, you’re so wrong. You do know that California is approaching 500 billion in debt, right? By all means, keep dreaming. Without federal taxes, the state sinks.

        • Alan Ditmore

          That’s the government, not the whole state. Statewide CA has far less per capita debt than the rest of the US. CA is doing the subsidizing. Secession will relieve CA of TRILLIONS in federal debt, not billions. But I see the beginnings of the “good riddance alliance” here. HOORAY! It is far easier to compromise on territory than on policy, which is why drawing borders is the oldest and simplest form of negotiation and compromise.
          One big problem with the Cascadians is that they keep claiming parts of Idaho and even Montana when they shouldn’t even be claiming Walla Walla. Nor should California try to keep Bakersfield or Barstow, or they will become their version of Donetz.

  2. boatrocker

    Aren’t you at least curious to see how bad things get in NC under Orange Mussolini between his upcoming witch hunts (payback against his rivals), his plans to slash Social Security and internment camps (oops, I mean Trump Getaway Spas)? Stick around, it’ll be yuuuuge.

    C’mon, forget that secession stuff. It certainly didn’t work the first time.

    • Hoosier Larry

      Didn’t work the first time? I assume that refers to the Civil War. That was then, this is now and secession / autonomy movements are shaping up in many corners of the world: Scotland, Catalonia, etc. Some of the former Yugoslavian states are doing well enough on their own, compared to the past. A smaller “rump” (Trump?) USA – minus the west coast, New England, NY, NJ, MD, would have to reassess its role as global playground monitor, making enemies faster than it can kill them, with borrowed Chinese money. BTW, I SUPPORTED the idea of Texas secession from a few years back. Anti-science? Anti-intellectual? See ‘ya!

      • boatrocker

        Oh, if only Texas was the only state that rejected science. I’ve taken a look at some of the textbooks from TX publishing companies and will give you that according to the Lone Star state, science and history are quite different than here in realityland.

  3. Other Barry

    Hmm…so what you’re saying is that the answer is for the individual states to have autonomy, rather than be bound to the will of the federal government?

    Weird, when I say that, I get called a crazy right-wing nutjob. I guess it’s different when you don’t like the feds anymore.

    • boatrocker

      I have no idea what that post of yours means, Other Barry. Were you addressing my comment?

      If you were addressing my comment, you would clearly read that secession is not the answer. Just like fleeing to Canada. If you didn’t like the results of the election, then do everything in your power as a citizen to change your country (yes btw it is your country- even though I chuckle when I say this, your gov’t answers to you).

      Secession would tell our leader that we are ok with his decisions and want to take our toys and go home and not hold him or his Swamp Thing cabinet accountable for that pesky Constitution thing.

  4. Richard B.

    So Larry, after putting a load of blame on the Trump voters, would you follow the logic train and put a bigger load of blame on Clinton, whose arrogance and lies about her illegal email process led many, if not most, of the deplorable Trump voters to vote the way they did?
    Many most likely after originally thinking they would vote for her?
    Seems a lot of folks think that being an abomination beats being one who believes they are above the law, and are exempt from the rules for “the others”. She beat herself.

    • Richard B.

      Sorry, forgot to ask; What exactly does cult-of-camo military fetish mean? Thought I was sort of an informed citizen, you know, keeping up with current events and cultural trends, etc., but this one threw me. Are you in a cult? You will have to forgive me for being a somewhat naïve, out of touch deplorable.

  5. The Real World

    Larry – “The Dems might have swung Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio with a common-sense industrial plan.” — they don’t care. Do you get that? And 4 years from now they still won’t care but will cook up some fake rhetoric to pretend like they do. Gee, what do guess that the next Dem Prez nominee will be from the Midwest? I’d wager on it.

    Also, Calif — they don’t have the guts to do it. Trust me. They’re throwing a hissy fit and will get over it soon enough.

    Other Barry – Totally nailed it. You can utterly count on hypocrisy from the Democrats; pretty much every time. If HRC had won and all the unsupported “Russian interference” allegations were occurring they would be screaming the woman card, conspiracy theory, yap, yap, yap. Well, yes indeed folks, it IS a conspiracy theory, isn’t it? (Smells like an inside job, btw)

    Richard B – Yes, you’re right, she buried herself. Her baggage is beyond calculation and inescapable. From the beginning I thought the Dems were really stupid, complaint and in denial to allow her to run unopposed. LOL, Bernie was controlled-opposition, she played him like a fiddle which he eventually figured out. But, he got paid nicely to go away relatively quietly: http://heavy.com/news/2016/08/bernie-sanders-new-house-photos-pictures-lake-home-jane-net-worth-price-north-hero-vermont-purchased/

    • NFB

      “You can utterly count on hypocrisy from the Democrats; pretty much every time. If HRC had won and all the unsupported “Russian interference” allegations were occurring they would be screaming the woman card, conspiracy theory, yap, yap, yap. ”

      And Republican hypocrisy is on full display now. Had Clinton won and all these allegations were occurring Republicans would be having hearings and have impeachment proceedings already started.

        • NFB

          Wake me when they file articles of impeachment which they would have done by now if Clinton had won.

          And CNN is for Clinton? ROTFLMAO. I guess that’s why they have more trump toadies on their payroll than any other network.

          • The Real World

            So, I guess that’s you saying, “I stand corrected”.

            Regarding CNN — Hello??!! Not sure where you’ve been. They FIRED a top name employee for feeding questions to HRC prior to debates! (Yea right, she acted alone and CNN had no knowledge; not. They threw her under the bus when Wikileaks revealed the scam).

            The CNN President himself, Jeff Zucker, openly admitted the network has been too liberal. (How big of you, Jeff, like we didn’t know) http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/05/02/cnn-president-admits-network-has-been-too-liberal-see-what-happened-to-ratings-after-that-realization/

            The list goes on…….but most alarming is that a mature viewer like yourself could not discern the blatant bias? That is truly scary.

          • The Real World

            Now that we’re talking about it, there’s more……. HRC gets Jill Stein to front the lame recounts. (Stein couldn’t raise over 6 million in a couple of weeks. No way, those are HRC’s billionaire friends). She went on and on about Trump stating that he’d wait and see while declaring that she would accept the election outcome. Riiiiiiight. So, she couldn’t allow daylight to shine on her hypocrisy. Hence, Stein.

            But, she’s not finished: “Clinton Campaign Supports Call for Electors To Be Briefed On ‘Foreign Intervention’ Claims” For at least a couple of weeks she’s been working the Electors angle. Trying to turn them. Pathetic.

            What were we talking about? Oh yes, hypocrisy, that was it.

          • boatrocker

            Why don’t you do away with the shrieky toddler insults- you’re taking up valuable posting space here.
            Some people actually care about the fate of their country and articulate it in print.

        • boatrocker

          Strange how the GOP will cheer when the FBI investigates and finds no wrong doing over emails, but when another nation is suspect of hacking into the RNC, the CIA is suddenly ‘the same intelligence organization that told us that Iraq had WMDs’.

          Double standard much? At least McCain and McConnell have a pair and aren’t keeping their heads down for fearing a witchhunt like retribution.

          Keep ignoring those CIA intelligence briefings. Once a week is enough, as he’s so bigly smart. George W. ignored them and nothing bad ever happened on his watch, right?

          • boatrocker

            And of course RW hasn’t followed this issue closely for combing the news about puppies, hot chocolate, force feeding children multiculturalism, etc and sharing them all at the first opportunity.

            It would make his opinions look foolish to discredit only one side of the political spectrum.

          • boatrocker

            shrieky toddler comment should be under RWs masterpiece of writing about Ritalin.

  6. NFB

    This kind of talk was silly and offensive when the right wing nuts talked about after Obama became president. It is equally silly at best and offensive now

    • Hoosier Larry

      Word “Offensive” has been beat to death as of late. This is politics. A global demographic, ecological and economic tsunami is headed our way. SOME of us want a chance to do something about it and SOME of us want to return to 1952. There WILL be tough talk ahead.

  7. WRD

    Good luck in Cal. Larry, and when the next earthquate happens, don’t bother the rest of us in the US and Feds for help. Oh, and Larry, Hillary was the Obamanation. thank God she’s “toast”

    • boatrocker

      Guess your team got er’ done, eh? Because democracy is just like the Superbowl with only 2 sides to root for.
      Is that why the POTUS to be is only visiting blue states for his Victory Lap Tour, so he can unite us all?
      Sounds more like an FU Tour.

      Real America will keep its toast, and you can have your sauerkraut and a sweet strudel for dessert, ja mein freund?

      • boatrocker

        Arg- red states I mean. Why can’t the maps just label them R or D? Or would that involve people who can read?

        • Hoosier Larry

          Confusing for sure as Red used to denote Leftists. Blue for blue-bloods?

  8. Albert Hall

    Both sides always throw this temper tantrum. I didn’t get my way, I’m taking my toys and going home!

    Grow up everybody. It’s called Democracy. You can’t always get what you want.

    4 years from now y’all be shocked at how little actually has changed, life and time march on.

    Tying your happiness to politics will always end in disappointment.

    • boatrocker

      I didn’t vote for her, nor did I vote for Orange Mussolini. But I’m still here, and will hold the new admin ‘s feet to the fire.
      Be prepared for a severe curtailment of the free press and numerous witch hunts happening for the next 4-8.

      No taking of toys and going home here as I live here.
      It’s a win/win- either the new guy with bad hair either knows something about running a country that no other of our 45 POTUSs did,
      or he crashes and burns and I get to gloat a bit. Win/win.

      Nothing changing actually is what I’m not hoping for. Plenty of things could change for the better.

  9. Alan Ditmore

    I have been in touch with Cascadians, Pacificans, Blue Secessionists, pan secessionists and Puerto Rican, Hawaiian, Vermont and Quebecan secessionists for years, in addition to movements in Scotland, Wales, Basque, Catalonia and Cornwall; all modeled on the Czech Republic. https://kirkpatricksale.wordpress.com/ , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No3PQhJVc7k
    But I am very worried that they may close the border before NC political refugees like me can get there. That is clearly what Asheville and San Francisco are doing with their homebuilding restrictions. Not even gays can move in, and childfree activists are even less likely to be granted refugee status.

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