Bartending 101

With all the hype over craft brews and the movement to call Asheville "Beer City" (a sobriquet I thought reserved for Milwaukee, or at least St. Louis), I have not noticed a commensurate effort to provide good service to individual beer drinkers. I happen to like light premium beer, and how hard can it be […]

You missed a spot

A recent article about places to have breakfast missed Café Ello on Haywood Street, across from the library [“Breakfast Off the Beaten Path,” Dec. 21 Xpress]. It is an excellent place for breakfast. Not only does it have excellent food (especially the egg dishes), it also serves lunch salads, soups and sandwiches. The café offers […]

In defense of Kava: Local Vanuatu Kava Bar owner speaks out about a Consumer Reports claim

Consumer Reports Magazine recently published an article detailing the so-called “Dirty Dozen” herbal supplements. The article was picked up by major national news media outlets, going viral in short order. Among the “dirty dozen” was the herb, kava — an herb said to cause a relaxing effect. Andrew Procyk, founder of the Kava Merchant Advocacy League and co-owner of the Vanuatu Kava Bar in Asheville, N.C., has quite a bit to say about the subject.‘s what he submitted to Xpress: