Hypocrisy, plain and simple

Pastor Ogden, you are a hypocrite [“What's Next, Polygamy Benefits?” March 27 Xpress]. You and many other Christians are so quick to fervently oppose legalizing gay marriage without also expressing with equal zest your disgust with the legality of divorce, adultery, drunkenness, lying, sex out of wedlock, blasphemy and a multitude of other sins which […]

Enough said

With all the hulabaloo about same-sex marriage, I am putting my two cents in. I recently heard the following: If you’re not for same-sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of your sex. Enough said. — Jerry Edwards Asheville

Elevate the human element

As we approach the May 8 North Carolina primary, I strongly encourage people to vote against Amendment One. While people are free to their own thinking about gay/lesbian relationships, they should not be free to impose this thinking on others, especially when what is at stake has much broader implications than gay marriage. While proponents […]

Concern for many

I am concerned that many people do not understand the consequences of Amendment One. The way it is written, many heterosexual people, as well as gay and lesbian people, will probably lose benefits and rights if it is passed — those who have domestic partnerships (gay, lesbian, heterosexual), children, those abused and not legally married, […]

WE DO supporters rally, couple arrested in civil disobedien­ce act

Today, about 150 supporters of the WE DO campaign rallied in front of City Hall before marching down to the Buncombe County Register of Deeds, where 12 same-sex couples requested — and were denied — marriage licenses. In an act of civil disobedience, Kathryn Cartledge and her partner Elizabeth Eve, partners for 30 years, sat down and began reading rights given to heterosexual married couples until arrested and removed by Sheriff’s deputies. This post contains Twitter coverage from multiple sources from the rally and what followed.

Marriage is between one (male) and one (woman)

I'm surprised by the recent mountainx.com article in reference to mayors and commissioners opposing the marriage amendment for the sake of employment recruitment and the economic sustainability of their cities [http://avl.mx/56]. It's a shame that some politicians will accept any lifestyle choices without any moral principles. The institution of marriage is between one (male) and […]

Group of N.C. mayors and county commission­ers sign letter opposing anti-gay-marriage bills

Mayors, commissioners and one mayor pro tem signed a letter Sept. 11 opposing the “Defense of Marriage” bills currently under consideration by the N.C. legislature that contain language stipulating that marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in North Carolina.