State of the arts: Hannah Dansie’s exhibition draws inspiratio­n from folk tales

Hannah Dansie’s show The Fishwife — opening at The Satellite Gallery on Friday, Aug. 7 — was named after a story from a Grimm’s fairytale book that was read to her as a child. It includes contributions from local artists Alli Good, Sarah Cavalieri, Gus Cutty, Maxx Hawthorne-Fiest, Andy Herod, Nicole McConville, Josie Mosser, Lauren Patton and Ian Wilkinson.

Murals don’t paint themselves

On the cover of the Dec. 5 Xpress, you printed a picture of a mural of Screamin' Jay Hawkins. You credited the photographer, but not the artist who painted the mural. The artist who painted the mural is Gus Cutty. He painted it free-hand, entirely with spray paint. He has numerous murals in and around […]

Divine fillet

In Gus Cutty’s new mural at Forever Tattoo on Lexington Avenue, Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy appears more than a little gussied up, caked in makeup modeled after the famed American drag queen (and John Waters muse), Divine. (Photo courtesy of Gus Cutty)