Pisgah Legal Services leads local movement to protect Obamacare

In an effort to emphasize the importance of access to affordable health insurance coverage for North Carolinians, Pisgah Legal Services held a press conference Tuesday in partnership with the North Carolina Justice Center. Speakers included political and legal advocates for the ACA, as well as residents who offered stories about their experiences with affordable care and health insurance.

Fresh food for one and all

Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and communities. Here in North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast, we are lucky to have fresh, clean food grown by sustainable farmers in our backyard. Unfortunately, these farms are neither utilized nor supported to the full extent they could be. Hundreds of thousands of people in the […]

There’s still time

Repairing broken streets and sidewalks, our decrepit transit center, updating key maintenance equipment, keeping taxes down — these are all things taking a back seat to funding yet another parking garage in the proposed budget, which allocates $12 million in capital-improvement funds over the next two years to build the parking garage. This action is […]

The 10th District does not include Wall Street

Rep. Patrick McHenry opposes Wall Street reform. He exploits his position as chair of a House subcommittee to castigate the Washington financial police charged with enforcing that law for failure to consider the costs and benefits of implementing rules. He’s succeeding. More than half the rules required from the 2010 Wall Street law remain unwritten, […]