PHOTOS: UNC Asheville dumpster dives into waste reducing competitio­n

Coming down the stairs of Ramsey Library, students and faculty faced the unmistakable smell of UNC Asheville’s trash.  Despite the cold, grounds workers and the recycling coordinator, Zig, searched for recyclable and compostable items discarded in trashcans and sorted them on a large blue tarp on the quad.  The demonstration was part of Recyclemania, an international competition to increase recycling and reduce waste.

No one likes unexplaine­d rules

Recently there have been notifications of a "new Asheville trash system" in our neighborhood. There have been notifications placed on top of the rolling trash carts, and then this Wednesday, July 20, our street received handouts saying what the city would do if we did not follow your "orders." I am wondering as to why […]

The Biz

Downtown Asheville residents Jeff and Karen Lazzaro want to make one thing perfectly clear: They couldn’t care less whether you smoke or not. However, they do have a real problem with folks who dispose of their cigarette butts carelessly—especially those who should know better. The reasons are simple, they say. Cigarette butts are one of […]