A valid driver’s license should be required to buy alcohol

In North Carolina, individuals with revoked or suspended driver’s licenses can buy alcohol just like anyone else. This needs to stop.

Please contact your state legislators and ask them to change the law so only individuals who are over 21 and have a valid driver’s license can buy alcohol.

— Paul King


3 thoughts on “A valid driver’s license should be required to buy alcohol

  1. Dionysis

    The same person wrote the same letter published in the AC-T. It makes no sense. Legally purchasing alcohol is not, nor should it be, linked to possessing a driver’s license. Many adults don’t drive at all, some by choice if they live close to their jobs, retirees who surrender their license and many others. If the concern is to verify legal age, the State issues such documents for those who do not drive. It would seem, however, that the letter-writer has another concern, hence the focus on those who have suspended or revoked licenses.

    As long as someone is over 21, they are legally able to purchase alcohol. Why the writer wants to couple it with possessing a valid driver’s license is puzzling.

  2. Tucker Ensley

    This is the most thoughtless policy suggestion I’ve read in the Xpress letters in a while. Paul, here’s a reality check… not everyone drives a car. What about those who opt on more environmentally friendly methods of travel, such as walking, biking, or taking the bus? Should they be required to spend hours at the DMV and pay $10 for a license that they won’t even use?
    Also there’s the undeniable irony of only putting alcohol into the hands of those who can drive?
    Think out your argument before posting it in a public forum or getting it published in the Xpress next time. Anyway, thanks for the laugh!

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