Ruling from Raleigh?

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  • "This is what shakes out of it all"

    -by Alli Marshall
    If Ben Sollee looks to be an unlikely rock star (he's unassuming and usually bespectacled, possibly sporting a bike helmet and definitely carrying a cello case), just wait until he…
  • Reigning Hope

    -by Webmaster
    Greg Cartwright is a bit of a ghost around these parts. Since moving with his family to Asheville (from Memphis) in 2004, the garage/punk/soul cult hero has played just a…
  • Daring feet not to dance

    -by Webmaster
    It’s not often that Asheville audiences get to hear Saharan desert guitar music. Actually, it’s not often that the makers of such music play stateside, but that will happen this…
  • The Profiler

    -by Webmaster
    The Suspect: Ike Stubblefield Known as being the modern master of the Hammond B3 organ, Stubblefield began playing keyboards in the late ‘60s for Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and The…
  • Smart Bets

    -by Xpress Staff
    Vampyre If you think goth and ballet make strange bedfellows, then A) You haven't read enough Edward Gorey and B) You have yet to experience Terpsicorps' newest production, Vampyre. This…
  • Weekly Picks

    -by Webmaster
    Learn energy saving techniques and build community at "Team-Based Home Energy Saving," presented by Neighbor Saves, a program which aims to empower participants to save energy, save money and improve…


  • Brews News

    -by Anne Fitten Glenn
    The first Asheville Beer Masters Tournament (modeled after the Wyncoop Beer Drinker of the Year and Philly Beer Geek competitions) was a sudsy success. The winner, Asheville Beer Master Trevor…
  • Small Bites

    -by Webmaster
    A pig secret What do mystery supper clubs, feral pigs, musicians and world-class chefs have to do with one another? Michael Moore, the North Carolina native who founded Blind Pig…
  • 2 days, 41 farms, countless possibilities

    -by Webmaster
    What: ASAP's 2011 Family Farm Tour. The Family Farm Tour is coordinated by Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project and sponsored by Biltmore and Greenlife Grocery. WNC Magazine is a media sponsor. Over one summer weekend, community…


  • Mastering the craft

    -by Webmaster
    At some point, all gardeners find themselves stumped: What the heck is eating my plants? When do I prune my hydrangeas if I ever want them to flower? Master gardeners,…


  • Getaway: Play ball!

    -by Christopher George
    With two outs, runners at first and second are wary, anticipating a pickoff attempt. The Asheville Tourists are down by one run in the bottom of the ninth. Tourists right…
  • Who’s in charge?

    -by David Forbes
    Most states place some limits on what their legislature can do to the localities under its jurisdiction, delegating broad authority to city and county governments. But in North Carolina, things…
  • Ruled from Raleigh?

    -by David Forbes
    Relations between Raleigh and the city of Asheville are strained, to say the least. “Our relationship, historically, with our local delegation has been very open,” notes Asheville City Council member…
  • Top bean

    -by Margaret Williams
    In the national Recipes for Healthy Kids contest, Asheville's Ira B. Jones Elementary School took first place in the “Dry Beans and Peas” category. The winning recipe for the $1,500…
  • Balancing act?

    -by Jake Frankel
    Depending on whom you ask, a recent change to Buncombe County's election law is either a blatantly partisan Republican dictate from Raleigh or a much-needed adjustment to restore balance and…
  • WNC wellness review

    -by Wade Inganamort
    House calls: Asheville doctor turns medical practice into mobile business "Lalor said he is the only doctor he knows in Western North Carolina offering the service. Lalor says [it's] nothing…
  • Hillcrest bridge fears unwarranted?

    -by David Forbes
    Asheville City Council June 14, 2011 meeting June declared LGBT History Month URTV producers not giving up P&Z gets expanded powers Asheville City Council’s June 14 meeting was relatively short,…
  • The Beat: Amazing Savings says it will stay open

    -by Webmaster
    Amazing Savings, Pho Fusion and hi-fi staying open Although the owners of The Downtown Market, a business and vendor outlet on 45 S. French Broad Ave., have announced that their…


  • You say po-tay-to and I say po-tah-to

    -by Nelda Holder
    If North Carolina were a home-rule state, the conventional wisdom goes, then the Legislature might keep its hands off local issues and actions.
  • Quit complaining: Law enforcement works perfectly

    -by Webmaster
    There has been plenty of discussion recently in the Mountain Xpress about the Asheville Police Department's recent changes, allegations of corruption and mismanagement. The truth is that local police forces…
  • Praise for the Asheville Disclaimer

    -by Webmaster
    I am consistently impressed by the quality and originality of the quirky news stories that the Asheville Disclaimer brings to light in our region — stories of the little people…
  • Regarding food trucks in Asheville

    -by Webmaster
    Please let me point out that food trucks have been a staple in parts of Boston and Cambridge, Mass., and New York City for years. They add to the rich…
  • “Wellness Review” not worth its salt

    -by Webmaster
    Wade Inganamort’s reference to the story "Lower Salt Intake May Cause (Not Prevent) Heart Disease" leaves me wondering what can possibly be next [“Wellness Roundup,” June 15 Xpress]. Maybe…
  • Think before you adhere

    -by Webmaster
    There are lots of bumper stickers flying around Asheville these days — lots of big, righteous opinions. Inasmuch as it goes to freedom of speech and expression, I guess I…
  • No more fluoride water — it’s up to us

    -by Webmaster
    I recently moved to the Asheville area. I was drawn here by the gorgeous mountain vistas, the delicious food and the friendly nature of the people. I have recently started…
  • Signed, “An Angry Teacher”

    -by Webmaster
    It is only decency that prevents me from using colorful metaphors to describe our state legislature’s assault on education and the environment while having the audacity to give themselves some…
  • War Profiteering

    -by Molton
  • Costume Heist

    -by Brent Brown
  • Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 06/22/2011

    -by Webmaster
    • Biltmore Village small- business owners protest plans for Biltmore Village Olive-oil-tasting-room/ dog-bakery/specialty-yarn big box store • Downtown restaurateur Dwight Butner vows to open falafel food-cart directly outside contested falafel…