Circle the wagons

I understand that nostalgia is popular, but I have to ask, at what cost? A horse sharing the pavement with motor vehicles has never been a good mix, and the new business of offering carriage rides in downtown Asheville seems quite problematic. Besides questioning the humaneness of forcing a single horse to pull a heavy […]

Protect our puppies

Years ago, I was involved in rescuing and relocating dogs from a puppy mill, and images of that day will remain with me forever. Groups of dogs were living together in small, feces-encrusted cages that were stacked one upon another. But while physical conditions were shocking, learning about the long-term psychological effects on these animals […]

Foie gras is banned for a reason

Birds on foie gras farms are gravely ill, not “happy” (see “Foie Gras Ban a Waste of Energy,” Being force-fed several pounds of food every day via a pneumatic tube that is shoved down their throats causes birds’ livers to expand to more than 10 times the normal size, resulting in a disease known […]