MSD upgrades its infrastruc­ture with capital improvemen­t projects

To fulfill its critical mission and increase its capacity to deal with a growing service area and customer base, MSD is in the midst of a $266 million capital improvement project, which will help ensure that the community’s waste is properly handled and safely disposed of.

Woodfin planning board defers decision on 196-unit Elk Mountain developmen­t

The majority of those attending a Woodfin Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on Monday, April 4 had to stand — and many of them had to stand in the hall outside the meeting room, unable to hear or see the proceedings. After two hours of public comment, commissioners voted unanimously to defer a decision on the 196-unit Cornerstone project proposed for Elk Mountain overlooking Beaver Lake.

Small-scale democracy: Small town elections offer intriguing possibilit­ies, but few options

“The best cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy.” — Edward Abbey, A Voice Crying in the Wilderness The affluent little town of Chevy Chase, Maryland, population 2,918, was rocked earlier this year when a surprise write-in candidate garnered 168 votes to displace an unopposed incumbent. The town attorney and Ethics Commission were […]