Charlotte Observer: Vibrant Cúrate in Asheville can cure a jaded palate

Helen Schwab, restaurant reviewer for the Charlotte Observer, recently visited Asheville where she ate at Cúrate, giving the restaurant a stellar review:

“Cúrate – say KOO-rah-tay – means “cure yourself” in Spanish. And it’s not a lolling infinitive, a you-might-want-to-think-eventually-about-curing-yourself idea. No, it’s imperative: KOO-rah-tay! Do it!

And so you should: Drive to Asheville and pull up to a tapas menu that’s simple, straightforward and sublime – with a remarkable back story.

Chef/co-owner Katie Button, born in Conway, S.C., won a bit of fame with a 2012 James Beard nomination for new-chef excellence. The place has been open about 16 months, and she has been cooking professionally for all of five years or so. But that’s not what will wow cuisine junkies.”


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