Album review: ‘I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone’ by Wednesday

There isn’t a title track, but the poetry of the album’s moniker warrants reflection. The names of the album’s eight tracks almost make up a story — that kind of surreal, late-night whisper session between good friends as sleep closes in. “Underneath,” “Coyote,” “November” … is this part of the list from the narrator who was trying to describe one person to another?

Local women artists take on welding, metalwork and engineerin­g

Artistic modalities aren’t gendered any more than, say, cuisines, dance styles or literary genres. Yet, historically, certain forms of making have been more associated with female-bodied people (fiber arts and jewelry design among them) while other skill sets, such as electronics, blacksmithing and welding, have been associated with male artists. “I really like being able […]

Tarah Singh talks about personal paintings and global design initiative­s

Of the exhibition #HUMAN, Singh notes, “This is probably the only time in my life I’ve created political or social [commentary] pieces. If you look back at my work, it’s nudes and romantic, lots of sensual energy, which is really important to my creative process. But I’m definitely finding spaces for broadening the conversation.”