WTF: Housing vouchers and assistance programs

Finding affordable housing has become a formidable challenge for many Asheville residents. However, housing vouchers can bring rent down to a manageable amount. In the latest edition of Xpress’ WTF feature – short for “Want the Facts?” – we explore the application process and eligibility requirements for housing vouchers and other forms of housing assistance.

HCA lawyer blasts North Carolina Attorney General’s investigat­ive demand as ‘legally improper’

“Mission has not breached the APA [asset purchase agreement],” the letter said, referring to the contract governing HCA’s 2019 purchase of then nonprofit Mission Health for $1.5 billion. “Mission is now, and always has been, in full compliance with that contract and often exceeds its obligations under the APA.”

Grace Episcopal Church

Neighborho­od backlash derails North Asheville emergency shelter

At first glance, the dispute between Grace Episcopal and the Facebook group members seems a clear-cut case of how social media can effect change: A concerned resident encouraged like-minded people to contact the church, they did, and the church declined to serve as a host site. Viewed through a different lens, however, the incident highlights the potential for harm that can result from jumping to conclusions — and then broadcasting them via social media.