Asheville Public Information Officer Dawa Hitch talks to community members on how to improve police communication

APD unveils new operations plan

In an age of instant communication and social media, Asheville Police are still stuck in the 20th century. “The Asheville Police Department does a lot of good,” said Police Chief William Anderson. “What we’re not good at is getting that information out to the public.” Anderson was speaking to the 20 attendees of the department’s first meeting […]

Tensions run high over tackling Asheville’­s graffiti

Local business owners raised their voices and things got, by the moderator’s own admission, “a little out of hand” at Friday morning’s Council of Independent Business Owners meeting when it came to the issue of graffiti. With the district attorney, city leaders and a state representative on hand, opinions differed — sometimes sharply — on possible solutions and who should foot the bill.

Camp HERO at A-B Tech gives youth an inside look at emergency responders

For a week in July at A-B Technical Community College, 13 youths investigated crime scenes, examined blood spatters, navigated their way through a smoke-filled apartment and practiced life-saving skills during the College’s Camp HERO (How Emergency Responders Operate). The camp, for ages 11 to 15, gave students an introduction into the lives and operations of firefighters, law enforcement officers and paramedics.

Quit complainin­g: Law enforcemen­t works perfectly

There has been plenty of discussion recently in the Mountain Xpress about the Asheville Police Department's recent changes, allegations of corruption and mismanagement. The truth is that local police forces recruit and maintain exactly whom the system will tolerate. By system, I mean the two-class system that runs the Western world. Sit through a couple […]

APD, Buncombe and Henderson sheriffs create joint gang task force

The Asheville Police Department and the Henderson and Buncombe County sheriff’s offices will create a joint task force to “combat the rise of gang-related activity” in the area, according to an agreement signed Feb. 18. “This agreement is something we’ve been working on now for four to six months,” APD Capt. Tim Splain explained at […]

Complete mayhem

Editor’s note: This story contains graphic descriptions of grisly crimes. Mountain Xpress doesn’t generally report such stories, but we felt that the brutal nature of the crimes, the depth of community concern and the larger issues raised justified doing so in this case. Although much of the material quoted here is public record, we’ve also […]

Asheville man charged with assault and kidnapping also “person of interest” in prostitute murder-attachment0

Asheville man charged with assault and kidnapping also “person of interest” in prostitute murder

Asheville resident Lewis Kyle Wilson, charged with the brutal assault and kidnapping of a prostitute, has been dubbed a “person of interest” in a 2006 murder and several similar attacks. Search warrants reveal details about this case, while people who know him shine light on community reactions. Warning: this material is extremely graphic.