"Yellow Alert!" - cartoon by Brent Brown

Yellow Alert

It would not be a case of yellow journalism to investigate the suspicions that something smells in dark recesses of downtown Asheville’s parking garage stairwells. City leaders should make addressing this a number one priority. It’s one thing to advertise downtown as a drinking destination, but having facilities available to return that rented beer makes the difference […]

Asheville City Council voted on July 28 to revise the city's animal ordinance, banning animal entertainment, like circuses, from occurring within the city limits. Flickr photo by Laura Bittner.

Asheville City Council gives the boot to animal entertainm­ent

After the U.S. Cellular Center decided to prohibit wild and exotic animal performances in January, the Asheville City Council decided to consider prohibiting these types of events from all city venues. A revision to the city’s animal ordinance, banning circuses and other wild animal entertainment, was passed at the Tuesday, July 28 meeting.

This graph via  Buncombe County Manager Wanda Greene's budget proposal shows how she wants to divide expenses.

Buncombe budget calls for steady tax rate, new parking deck

Buncombe County Manager Wanda Greene is recommending commissioners hold the tax rate steady this year and borrow $44.3 million for a new downtown Asheville building addition and parking deck. Her budget proposal, which she’ll present to the board of commissioners Tuesday, June 3, calls for keeping the county-wide property tax rate at 60.4 cents per […]

Local towing policy is a racket

My son did a favor for a friend [recently] by offering a ride from an apartment complex in north Asheville called the Grove. When leaving, he discovered his car had been towed by All-Safe Towing from the half-empty parking lot to the tune of $150, which had to be paid in cash only. This is […]

Handicappe­d parking: Empathy expired?

I am a downtown employee who uses an electric wheelchair. I disagreed (and still do) with the decision to require handicapped drivers to pay for parking. The financial hardship that accompanies the most severe disabilities is being ignored. One in three disabled Americans live at or below the poverty line. A few individuals abused parking […]

Make safe sidewalks a priority, not parking decks

I am against the proposed deal between the not-so-Public Interest Projects developers and the city of Asheville. The city could more wisely use the revenue generated from our just-paid-off parking decks and other parking facilities by providing sidewalks for neighborhoods and improving public transportation. Safe sidewalks for residents of Asheville should be a priority. Historically, […]

Sidewalks are the real public interest

I would like to respond to the issue of sidewalks-versus-parking deck at 51 Biltmore Ave. … As a resident of east Asheville, I am strongly in favor of sidewalks in our community. In Haw Creek, we currently have two elementary schools that are not accessible by sidewalks to the residents who live north of Beverly […]