‘American Sniper’ an ‘endless abomination’

I saw the incredibly violent American Sniper on M.L. King’s nonviolent birthday in a Biltmore Grande theater packed with other Ashevilleans. Director Clint Eastwood succeeded in depicting how brilliantly brave sniper Chris Kyle was tragically traumatized, and then murdered, in part by America’s Middle Eastern policy. The movie is mainly an endless abomination of kicking […]

Two Henderson County wineries omitted from wine industry story

While we are always happy to see coverage of the Western North Carolina wine industry [“Grape Expectations: The Changing Face of WNC Wine,” Jan. 14, Xpress], we were very disappointed that the two Henderson County wineries — Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards and Burntshirt — were not included in the story. Failure to include these thriving wineries in your own backyard […]

Mumpower: Molton’s cartoon misses the mark

  Color-habituated cartoonist Randy Molton finds evident self-gratification in his attachment to something over which people have no personal control. Like most progressives, he remains indifferent to other “C” words — choice, character, culture and conditioning — over which we do have great influence. His impetuous priority reveals a big reason we continue to stumble around […]

Closing of Asheville race track was hardly ‘dark of night’

In response to Jerry Sternberg‘s rebuttal to Karen Cragnolin and RiverLink [“The Gospel According to Jerry,” Dec. 10, Xpress], he mentions the “dark of night” closing of the Asheville Race Track. He says it was done by me and “other conspirators.” He called it “political bullying.” He said it was done “with cavalier disregard for […]

Ogden: Two officers drive false narrative about chief of police

It saddens my heart to know that William Anderson, the first African-American chief of police of Asheville, is retiring. How did we get to this point? In my professional opinion, the city leadership has allowed two police officers to continue to drive a false narrative, week after week, through the news media (WLOS-TV and the Citizen-Times newspaper) […]

Reader is all for organic, but she is bigger advocate of wild, local foods

I’m sure you’ve received many comments about Joe Bianculli’s remarks and hopefully Chris Reedy at Blue Ridge Food Ventures has had an opportunity to respond about clean hands versus gloves with UliMana hand rolling techniques [“Asheville’s Food Pioneers,” Oct. 22, Xpress]. I am all for organic and non-GMO, but I’m a bigger advocate for local […]

Asheville High team seeks support in Solar School Challenge

Asheville and Buncombe County schools are competing in the North Carolina Green Schools’ Solar Schools Challenge, a program that “helps students learn more about energy, about reducing environmental impacts and creates pathways to solar power for our schools.” The winning school earns a 1-kilowatt solar array for its campus. The purpose is greater than winning an electricity-generating […]

An election interpreta­tion: Buncombe County one election ahead of future trend

The remarkable showing of Democratic Party candidates in local and Buncombe County elections, in stark contrast to state and national contests, was surely due in part to greater-than-average voter turnout, but equally important is that local Republicans, led by the likes of Tim Moffitt and Lisa Baldwin, overplayed their hand, their arrogance and posturing turning […]