TO YOUR HEALTH: Jasmine Beach-Ferrara leads the 400 to 500 people at Monday's swiftly organized health care rally in William Barber's signature call-and-response chant:  "Forward together — Not one step back!" Photo by Able Allen

Rally against Senate health care bill brings hundreds to street in Asheville and fires up base

Just three days before Monday’s rally in Asheville’s Pack Square Park to oppose the U.S. Senate’s version of a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Lindsay Furst, a local teacher and activist, went to a coffee shop with her fellow organizers who shared her lack of sleep, she told the crowd in front of […]

Recently elected Buncombe County Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara addresses a room full of Affordable Care Act supporters as congress threatens to repeal the law. Photo courtesy of Pisgah Legal Services

Pisgah Legal Services leads local movement to protect Obamacare

In an effort to emphasize the importance of access to affordable health insurance coverage for North Carolinians, Pisgah Legal Services held a press conference Tuesday in partnership with the North Carolina Justice Center. Speakers included political and legal advocates for the ACA, as well as residents who offered stories about their experiences with affordable care and health insurance.

ACA health insurance still available for some locals

While the sign-up deadline for health care under the Affordable Care Act passed March 31, some can still sign up, according to an attorney with one of the local nonprofits that has assisted WNC residents in doing so. People who dealt with technical difficulties or have a major life change can still get healthcare under the ACA. Also, due to North Carolina’s government refusing to expand Medicaid, many locals will not face a penalty for not having insurance.

CIBO talks taxes, appoints new officers and board-attachment0

CIBO talks taxes, appoints new officers and board

Whether it was talk about the tax revaluation facing Buncombe County or the new tax rates coming from the Affordable Care Act, presentations at the Sept. 7 Council of Independent Business Owners breakfast focused on how these changes could impact the wallets of local business owners. These are the highlights. (Photo of Scott Huges, above, and Gary Roberts by Caitlin Byrd)

Breaking the silence: Health care reform provides free domestic-violence screening-attachment0

Breaking the silence: Health care reform provides free domestic-violence screening

Thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, most women can now have conversations about domestic violence with their doctor without having to worry about the cost. Effective Aug. 1, domestic-violence screening is one of eight free preventive services for women. Domestic violence survivor Sharone Owen shares her story about how one conversation with her doctor may have saved her life. (photo by Caitlin Byrd)

Ron Paulus on health care reform: “This is the beginning of a story, not the end”-attachment0

Ron Paulus on health care reform: “This is the beginning of a story, not the end”

Hours after the Supreme Court announced its landmark ruling on health care, Mission Health CEO and President Ron Paulus made his own statement about what the 5-4 ruling means on the local level. His verdict? The ripple effect of health care reform remains to be seen. Above, Paulus reads his statement about the ruling. (Photo by Caitlin Byrd)