Where is recycling in Haw Creek?

I have been a resident of Haw Creek for two-plus years and was told at my apartment complex at the time of rental that recycling was coming to east Asheville. As of April 16, nothing has been done. I have requested recycling at the apartment complex; Haw Creek Mews Townhomes, but nothing has been done. […]

What scoots around comes around

I was the proud owner of a red and black Baccio scooter. I paid $600 for it (from my barely above minimum-wage income). I spent the whole year of 2010 walking around this town to get to school, my job, the grocery store, etc. I've been beeped at, yelled at, cussed at. Rain, sun, sleet, […]

Sidewalks are the real public interest

I would like to respond to the issue of sidewalks-versus-parking deck at 51 Biltmore Ave. … As a resident of east Asheville, I am strongly in favor of sidewalks in our community. In Haw Creek, we currently have two elementary schools that are not accessible by sidewalks to the residents who live north of Beverly […]