About 40 rally downtown to demand immigratio­n reform, support NC student returning home

About 40 people rallied downtown today to support Luis Gustavo, an N.C. student seeking to return to the U.S., and call for reform to immigration law. Gustavo is a “DREAMer,” an undocumented immigrant who entered the U.S. at an early age and would have been allowed to stay under the terms of the DREAM Act, but left for Mexico when the act failed in 2011. (photo by Max Cooper)

Bring back the middle class

Thank you for publishing Martin Ramsey's wonderfully succinct and well-reasoned letter "No Borders" [July 20 Xpress]. Given the ever more polarized and vocal ravings, both locally and nationally, of the self-centered, greedy, ignorant, delusional and immature, and their championing of right wing “causes” that are utterly opposite to their own best interest (due in no […]

No borders

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Xpress for printing the July 6 article on immigration and education [“Stymied”]. I found it to be informative. I'd also like to ask Miss Ginocchio-Silva to perhaps reconsider the kind of education she will get in our state's system, if we can infer anything from the anti-immigrant sentiments […]