High Risk: Health care options for the uninsured

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With nearly 30,000 Buncombe County residents uninsured, Xpress speaks to local providers and cost-sharing networks whose services, woven together, create a social safety net beyond what the conventional insurance market offers.




  • Sterilization options to stay child-free

    -by Jessica Wakeman
    When James Brinkmann was 17 years old, his friends started having children. He witnessed up close what parenting entailed and he knew he didn’t want it yet. “I saw the…
  • Health checkup: Volunteerism and dance

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Elle Erickson, founder of the local nonprofit The Booth Fairy Project, is know for her positive messaging. In conversation with Xpress, she notes the importance of volunteer work for one's mental health, the…
  • Health checkup: Taking life day by day

    -by Xpress Contributor
    WLOS anchor, Kristen Aguirre, touches base with Xpress about the mental and physical benefits she experiences through exercise, as well as the empowerment that comes in taking life day-by-day.
  • Q&A with Fabrice Julien, professor of health communication at UNC Asheville

    -by Jessica Wakeman
    Public health is the science of improving health and safety within communities. Fabrice Julien, assistant professor of health and wellness at UNC Asheville, knows that it’s also an art. Julien…
  • Health checkup: Listen to your body

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Liz Roseman, founder of Sustainable Health Acupuncture, speaks with Xpress about unplugging, the importance of sleep and Chinese medicine.
  • Health checkup: Wellness with compassion

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Allé K (he/ him),  a queer, anti-fat bias trainer transmasculine yoga teacher, shares his favorite mental health hacks and thoughts on approaching wellness with compassion.
  • Health checkup: Taking advantage of what’s around you

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Dr. Ashfaq Ahsanuddin, Western North Carolina VA Health Care System chief of staff, discusses the need to unplug, the joys of golf and taking advantage of your natural surroundings. 
  • Health checkup: Demystifying meditation

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Brian O’Donnell, a pediatrician at Mountain Area Pediatrics, shares his thoughts on meditation, staying active and maintaining positive relationships.
  • Health checkup: Joyful movement

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Elizabeth McCorvey, a licensed clinical social worker, specializes in equine-assisted psychotherapy. She works primarily with members of the LGBTQIA community and people of color. Speaking with Xpress, she shares her thoughts…
  • Health checkup: Improvisational dance and sharing your feelings

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Local artist and longtime Asheville Fringe performer Amanda Levesque speaks with Xpress about improvisational dance and the push for making yoga popular and accessible to those in wheelchairs.