The healing our society needs

I appreciate Danielle Dulken’s courage in sharing her abortion experience in the July 31 Opinion piece, “The Face of Abortion.” It is important that the voices of all people are heard, as our nation struggles with the place of abortion, gay marriage and other issues. Open discussion, despite the fear of condemnation for less popular […]

Limiting women limits our future

I was deeply touched and brought to tears by the July 31 Opinion article, “The Face of Abortion.” I was also physically sickened to know that the decision to abolish abortion clinics in the state was made final. The legislation has set us back at least 50 years! The article stirred such strong feelings within […]

Legislator­s in override: Four key vetoes overturned with more votes to come

On Monday and Tuesday, July 25 and 26, North Carolina legislators overrode four closely watched gubernatorial vetoes, including bills that create medical liability reforms, set up sweeping state regulatory reform, establish new rules for Medicaid and health care providers, and make significant changes in the Employment Security Commision. Late Tuesday, in a party line vote of 67-52, the House failed to override the veto of HB 351 (Restore Confidence in Government), which would require photo ID for voting, but the bill remains alive through passage of reconsideration vote. Of the remaining bills considered for potential override, HB 854 (Abortion — Woman’s Right to Know) passed in the House and moves to the Senate.

Let’s end the abortion argument

I was actually a little incredulous that Mountain Xpress published Diana Ronald-Szabo's letter, which beat the old "abortion is murder" drum [“Call Abortion What It Is: Murder,” March 9]. I was further surprised to see Erika Harrison's response in print [“Appreciate Those Who Protect the Right to Choose,” March 23 Xpress]. Neither the most Catholic […]

Call abortion what it is: murder

Congratulations to Rep. Heath Shuler for his courage in voting to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, [an organization that] deals with the torture and murder of pre-born babies under the polite words “abortion” and “choice.” … What about those babies who have died by the saline-solution procedure that burned the babies’ skin off […]