A CONTINUED PRESENCE: OnJune 26, 1900, Asheville's Young Men's White Supremacy club held its inaugural meeting. Twenty-four years later, the Ku Klux Klan rallied in downtown Asheville.

Asheville Archives: ‘White supremacy made permanent,’ 1900

In 1900, N.C. was set to vote on an amendment to its state constitution. Literacy tests were among the additions proposed. Illiterate white men, however, need not worry. This point was made clear in a Jan 30, 1900 Q&A in The Asheville Daily Citizen. Titled, “WHITE SUPREMACY MADE PERMANENT,” the piece answered all inquiries and concerns surrounding the amendment.

GATHERING STEAM: With giant puppets looking on, North Asheville residents learned more about a proposed project to widen a section of Merrimon Avenue. Photo by Virginia Daffron

UPDATED Residents to DOT: Let us participat­e in Merrimon planning

Is it possible that some engineers from the NCDOT’s Division 13 office noticed their ears were burning on the evening of Jan. 23? While neighbors met in North Asheville to plan a push opposing what they see as rushed and inappropriate plans for widening a portion of Merrimon Avenue, City Council members decried the NCDOT’s lack of engagement and directed staff to develop a statement outlining the city’s concerns.