Green Goddesses: Business booms for blooms

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Thomas Calder
Asheville is home to several plant shops known for their intimate size, attention to quality — and being run by women. Xpress spoke with several shop owners about how the pandemic houseplant boom impacted their businesses.



  • Balancing business and motherhood in WNC

    -by Kay West
    The founders of three local beverage companies — Buchi, Shanti Elixirs and Sarilla — discuss the challenges and opportunities that women-led organizations face, as well as the insights parenting can…
  • What’s new in food: Food Truck Boot Camp rolls into Cherokee

    -by Kay West
    Food Truck Boot Camp aims to help chefs break into the culinary industry. Also: Mamacita's Street Food opens in the RAD; Oaxacarolina dinner takes place at Botanist & Barrel; and…



  • Asheville Archives: The literal and fictional death of a milliner, 1884

    -by Thomas Calder
    Despite her failing health, Cynthia Hill Wolfe owned and operated the Millinery and Notion Store during the final years of her life in Asheville. Though her death in 1884 did…
  • Women in Business: It takes time

    -by Thomas Calder
    Kaye Bentley, founder and owner of Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours, reminds entrepreneurs that all businesses take time to generate revenue.
  • Women in Business: Know your values

    -by Thomas Calder
    "There aren’t a ton of women who offer both photo and video services, but we refuse to let that lack of representation hold us back," says Eric McGrady, co-founder of…
  • Female financial advisers make their mark

    -by Xpress Contributor
    “In our society, money is a taboo topic, especially for women,” says Laura Webb of Asheville's Webb Investment Services. She and other local women are working to change that in…
  • Women in business: Take risks

    -by Thomas Calder
    "It can be difficult to take risks and know when the risks are worth it, especially with money," says Laura Walton, owner of The Crunchy Baker. "For me in particular,…
  • Women-owned plant shops are a growing industry in Asheville

    -by Jessica Wakeman
    Farmers and homesteaders can get their hands dirty all over Western North Carolina. For those with more modest ambitions, there are houseplants. Garden stores, chain stores and even pharmacies sell…
  • Women in Business: Consistency and discipline

    -by Thomas Calder
    "It's so easy to give up when you're not getting the customers or clients that you want, or you're not seeing a return on your investment," says Tiarra Wilkie, owner…
  • Women in Business: Give yourself time and space

    -by Thomas Calder
    "If someone were passionate about writing and wanted to complete a manuscript, I would encourage them to fight every day to keep that dream alive," says author Amber Nivens. "I…
  • Women in Business: Prepare for growth

    -by Thomas Calder
    "You have to prepare for growth before it happens," says Melissa Blaha, owner of The Tax Raven. "It is hard to recruit, hire and train once you are buried under…
  • Q&A: Robin Lake on her quest to uncover her late father’s military service records

    -by LA Bourgeois
    Xpress sits down with Robin Lake to discuss her and her sister's journey to uncovering her father's military records and the subsequent honor their late father received. 
  • Black Wall Street AVL vies for national award to help women-owned businesses

    -by Justin McGuire
    When Nicole Lee moved to Asheville from Cincinnati two years ago with the idea of starting a consulting business for aspiring entrepreneurs, she reached out to Black Wall Street AVL…
  • Women in Business: The importance of reputation

    -by Thomas Calder
    "Get passionate about your customer and learn how to serve them uniquely better than anyone else," says Aisha Adams, founder and owner of Aisha Adams Media.
  • Women in Business: Never give up

    -by Thomas Calder
    "Surround yourself with other business owners and start-up types," says Safi Martin, COO of Hood Huggers International. "Being an entrepreneur means looking at the world through a different lens —…
  • Women in Business: You can’t please everyone

    -by Thomas Calder
    "If you start worrying about pleasing every single person, you’ll be playing the lowest common denominator of music in no time," says Annelise Kopp (aka DJ Lil Meow Meow). "I…
  • Women in Business: Build a support system

    -by Thomas Calder
    "Starting a business is both mentally and physically draining," says Marjory Rockwell. "You’ll need a solid group of people who will be there for you when obstacles come your way,…
  • Local organizations update Buncombe on opioid response

    -by Xpress Contributor
    According to figures shared with the county Board of Commissioners by Dr. Shuchin Shukla, a physician and opioid crisis educator with the Mountain Area Health Education Center, Buncombe’s rate of…