Don’t leave out teen poets

Asheville Writers in the Schools serves our community well in providing workshops for young writers. We’ve had many opportunities to work in tandem with Janet Hurley and AWITS and we applaud their efforts. 
We applaud Xpress‘ major coverage of the re-emergence of poetry in Asheville ["Versify," April 9] however we are disappointed that you failed […]

Appreciates David’s letters

Over the years I have appreciated the letters from Stewart and Teri David published in the Mountain Xpress. They have consistently articulated a deep respect and compassion for animals and advocated for a vegan diet that reflects that ethical concern. I was sorry to see publication of a letter in Mountain Xpress attacking Stewart David. He has long […]

Ads should be more sensitive

Did you notice in The Bywater advertisement on page 51 [April 9, Xpress] that the child looks terrified? I was appalled to see the picture of a very young child grabbed by a giant rabbit with sharp teeth. This is wrong on so many levels. Are you aware that April is National Child Abuse Protection […]

Trails are not latrines

Over the last few months, I have observed an unsettling trend of people using the sides of trails as latrines. I, too, am an avid outdoors person and often spend hours in nature mountain biking and hiking and understand it may be necessary to attend to personal needs. But there really is no excuse for […]

More scrutiny of letters needed

I am writing to express my concern about a letter to the editor that was published in the Mountain Xpress on Wednesday, April 2 [”Had Enough of Stewart David’s Letters.”].  The letter was written by Winthrop E. Dow. This letter consisted of a personal attack on Steward David, a citizen of Asheville who has consistently […]

Letter violated respect

We locals are known for our strong opinions but we also have a culture of tolerance.  In fact, respect for others’ differences is what makes our area such a desirable place to live. This respect was violated in the April 2 edition by your publishing a rebuttal letter [“Had Enough of Stewart David’s Letters,” Xpress] […]

Wants park across from basilica

We are very much in favor of a park in this place [Asheville city property along Haywood Road across from the Basilica of St. Lawrence]. It would accentuate the beautiful basilica, and give a strong feeling of a city that cares about its environment, as we would see in Europe. The BB&T building is a […]

Circus is no fun for animals

The circus is making its annual debut in Asheville, and I urge you to think twice before buying your ticket.  Although it looks like clean family fun in the ring, behind the scenes the circus is nothing short of animal abuse.  Elephants, tigers, and bears are wild animals, and the bizarre acts they perform are […]

Writer Colleen Kelly Mellor appears, with her natural, ashen, curly locks.

Asheville Under Glass: Silverlocks

When the lights go up following an afternoon movie in cinemas across Asheville, one notes a sea of white, silver and pewter atop the heads of moviegoers. That view makes me ever-so-comfortable. But my comfort didn’t come naturally. I wrestled with it for years — whether or not to continue bleaching my hair the blonde […]