LOCAL LINEUP: Some of the locally based presenters for ClimateCon, scheduled for March 16-25, gathered in The Collider for a pre-conference photo. Pictured, front row from left, are Megan Robinson, The Collider’s executive director; Dayna Reggero and Carl Schreck. Back row from left, are Michael Shore, Aaron Mackey, Tom Barr, Isaac Pino, Drew Jones and Anne Waple. Photo by Kathi Petersen

Conference to showcase Asheville as a global climate hub

ClimateCon, North Carolina’s first conference dedicated to the business of climate, runs March 16-25. The event is organized by The Collider, which plans a host of presentations, panels and business forums. Also on the schedule are interactive community events to share the best of what the Asheville area has to offer with conference attendees and to bring conference insights to community members.

SUPERFOOD SUPERPOWER: Stephanie Hein, herbalist at the French Broad Food Co-op, advises customers on superfood herbal supplements. Photo by Eliza Paul

Superfoods provide health benefits — with a side of confusion

You’ve probably seen the word “superfood” emblazoned on products in grocery stores or bursting from the cover of health magazines in the checkout line. But what exactly makes certain food super? Foods that wear capes “Professionally, I think all food is super,” says Traci Malone, a registered dietitian in Asheville. “I don’t like to discriminate, but […]