HELPING HORN: Among Justin Ray's many projects, his most high-profile is arguably playing in Michael Bublé's band. Ray played on nearly every track of 2009’s Crazy Love. Due to recording logistics, he was absent on 2013’s To Be Loved. It remains to be seen whether the Asheville trumpeter will be called upon to contribute to Bublé's latest studio release.

Justin Ray shares first DVD and vocal album at The Altamont Theatre

Justin Ray performs a diverse two-set offering Friday, Sept. 18 at The Altamont Theatre. The evening begins with Ray’s half-hour-long ensemble jazz composition, “Casanova and Cleopatra,” which hasn’t been performed live in nearly three years. The show also serves as a release of the album Evil Man Blues, Ray’s first foray into vocals.

DON'T GET IT TWISTED: Gospel-rapper Chance the Artist only has love for Chance the Rapper, for whom he's often confused. Though they've yet to meet,  "I believe we’re definitely going to do something dope together, something crazy,” he says.

Asheville native Chance the Artist headlines Goombay’s Sunday gospel celebratio­n

Gospel-rapper Chance the Artist, an Asheville native currently based in Atlanta, headlines the Goombay on Sunday, Sept. 13. After turning his life around an devoting himself to positive rhymes, Chance finds himself on the cusp of some potentially major turning points, including the forthcoming debut of an official website, a DJ to enhance his live shows and a team to assist him on the business side.